Well done Zambia police

For the first time since Francis Kabonde took over as police boss in Zambia, the police have done something sensible and commendable.
The prevention of crime in western province on Friday was done very professionally.
The situation in Western province is not complicated at all. There is just a group of bandits trying to make money out of the so-called Barotseland Agreement.
Unemployed and unemployable people like Mutangelwa should not make their personal misfortunes national matters. The poverty and general lack of development in western province is not limited there. The entire country is reeling in poverty because wrong people are in power.
Thieves are running this country. But what is more unfortunate is that even those who want to take over are also thieves if not worse criminals.
What is required in Zambia is not to divide Zambia into ethnic nations but to stand as one and remove the thieves that have been looting our resources since political independence.
We need to do it the Tunisia way. Get on the street and demand justice and the departure of thieves.
The people of Western province can’t succeed in seceding from Zambia because it’s only a few people in favour of this. The same people who have been dominating other tribes in the region want to have complete dictatorship over the other tribes. This is wrong. There are so many people in Western province who prefer to be part of Zambia other than a Lozi Kingdom that would take them back 400 years in history.
Besides, even within the Lozis, there are so many people who consider this call to secede trash.
Some people were killed in Mongu on Friday. Surprisingly, even people who have been supporting this nonsense are now condemning the death. There is an attempt to craftily blame the police for the deaths. Now, what were the police expected to do when faced with a mob that was burning property?
What is happening in western province is not a national issue. It’s just a project by a few Lozis to make money. Unfortunately some people and their vuvuzela newspapers are trying to harvest political capital out of this.
Now they are busy condemning what they have been supporting. In their quest to win power, they are ready to sacrifice anything including one province of Zambia. But people of Zambia are not foolish. They can see beyond this.
And to those people in Western province who are being used, they should learn a lesson from what happened on Friday. When you are injured or are killed in this ill-fated project, it is your family that will suffer. The truth which everyone knows is that the Western province will remain an integral part of Zambia.
If the Lozis are ready to provide leadership in the emancipation of Zambia from the artificial poverty brought about by poor leadership, then they must make a national plan.
They must mobilize everyone in Zambia to take part in removing the thieves who are currently running this country. Zambians should not allow other thieves to take over from the current thieves. We need to start afresh. Everybody in Zambia is feeling the pangs of poverty like their brothers and sisters in Western Zambia. But trying to cut Zambia will just delay the salvation of the country from thieves. Instead of dealing with national issues, we shall all be forced to focus on non-issues like Barotseland.
When there is a genuine call to save Zambia from thieves, everyone will take part. It does not matter from what province of Zambia the call will emanate from. As long as it is an issue that affects all of us, we shall respond.
When the entire country rises, even the police join in. They will fire a few shots but will eventually join. Tunisia has just done it. So why can’t Lozis stop wasting time and be nationalistic instead of tribalistic for once.

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