Well paid minister Kasonde threatens to take action against nurses by 17 hrs

Well paid minister Kasonde threatens to take action against nurses by 17 hrs

uthWell paid Health Minister Joseph Kasonde has threated to take action against striking nurses if they do not resume work by 17:00hrs.

Kasonde, who is entitled to massive allowances paid on time, porsche ministerial and parliamentary vehicles, said health workers will charged for absenteeism.

But in Livingstone, health workers have vowed to continue striking until the little money they are asking for is given to them.

Kasonde  told journalists during a media briefing in Lusaka that government considers all nurses on strike as being absent from duty and that the process of charging them for absenteeism will be commenced.

Kasonde disclosed  that he and  Labour minister  Fackson Shamenda met the striking nurses at University Teaching Hospital and asked  them to report for work because their action is illegal.

Kasonde said all nurses on strike will be required to give reasons for their absenteeism on an individual basis and exculpate themselves as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against them should they fail to meet the deadline of 17:00 hours.

Kasonde said that in the absence of justifiable reasons for this, the normal disciplinary process will be followed.

The strike action by the nurses at UTH and other hospitals has entered day seven, and has since spread to Levy Mwanawasa, Livingston and Kasama General Hospitals.

In Livingstone, the permanent secretary wrote a letter through the District Commission ordering health workers to resume work.

But the Health workers ignored the directive prompting government to deploy police officers to disperse the striking workers.

ZWD ADVICE TO NURSES AND OTHERS: Take note of the police officers who will come to harass you. When they fall sick, you know what to do.

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