We’ll pray on Oct 18 for PF to leave power – Milupi

ON October 18, we will pray for the PF to leave power, says Charles Milupi.

In an interview yesterday, Milupi, who is ADD leader, said while he would not attend the national prayers at Heroes Stadium, he would continue to pray for the PF’s exit.

“We are not attending those particular prayers but we shall continue to pray in the manner that we have prayed. We shall continue to attend our church services in the manner that we have done and we shall continue to intercede to God so that He gives us proper leadership,” he said.

Milupi also wondered why a musical concert to be held on the eve of the prayer day had been made a paid-for event.

“And what do you charge for? So this is entertainment now. They are using religion to cover their failures; to gain sympathy. This government has failed and in order to divert attention, they want to use religion for that purpose. And now to get choirs that want to participate and charge them and those who are attending, what are we doing? What’s going on? What I have seen in the press is an attempt to cast those who are against this process as anti-Christianity and so on. This is wrong. The salvation of an individual does not depend on whether you heed Mr Lungu’s call for you to pray,” said Milupi.
People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti said the concert organised by Cabinet to which a charge had been attached for those that wish to be part of it was equivalent to commercialising religion.

“It does not matter who is coming, whether it is their last kwacha or their last ngwee, they will still extort it out of them using all sorts of crooked means,” said Mulongoti, who also said he would not parade his face at the stadium but continue to seek God in his own church. “You can see commercial religion approaching.”
FDD leader Edith Nawakwi said the national day of prayer was a mockery to God.

“If he (President Lungu) wanted to reconcile, he should have called all of us to discuss, go through the reconciliation process before calling for prayers. So I think he is using the Bible to think that he can gain sympathy. The country is in dire need of action and that action doesn’t mean that we should be fooling God. The injury is so deep that you can’t shroud that on a day of prayer and pretend that Zambia will come right spiritually,” said Nawakwi.

“As someone has said in the papers that those who don’t come for prayers would have contaminated them, it shows the spirit under which this is being called. I expected them to say when they heard that [UPND leader] Hakainde [Hichilema] was not going to attend, that they are very sorry, they will go to his house to persuade him to come because it is meant for everybody, or find out from him why he is not going.”


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