Western Province Minister Mubukwanu says govt not part of Shangombo sugar plantation

Shangombo sugar plantation

The Zambian government says it is not involved in the sugar plantation being set up by private investors in Shangombo district of Western Province. (Nobody told them they were involved)
After learning that close to 11 billion US dollars was involved in the project, Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu dashed to check with all line ministries in the hope of benefiting from the huge investment but did not find any information on the project.
Mubukwanu later told journalists in Lusaka today that the government is not involved in the reported establishment of the 11 billion dollars sugar plantation in Shangombo.
He said his office has consulted with relevant ministries and that there is no official record of the investment of the sugar plantation.
Mubukwanu said the implementers of the project should have given details of the project to relevant ministries.
Early this year the Programme Against Discrimination in Communities (PADIC) headed by Mr Sitali Sitali awarded a US200 million dollars project to a Finish energy firm, NOCART, to setup a 100 megawatt solar power plant in Shangombo to power the Shangombo sugar plantation.
PADIC was given 30,000 hectares of land by the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) for the sugar plantation which will also include construction of about 1,000 houses in Shangombo and Sikongo districts over a phased period of time.
When PADIC commissioned a 10 hectare demo sugar plantation mid last year, the Zambian government was represented by Shangombo District Commissioner Lawrence Nyambe who said government would provide an enabling environment to the private sector driven project for the benefit of the people.

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