What about family that died in accident with footballers?


In reference to the accident that happened in kabwe where some soccer stars were involved like Nyambe Mulenga and others.Its shocking that government and probably everyone else has not bothered to talk about what happened to passengers on the pajero which collided with the Zesco bus!
We lost THREE members of the same family (Wife and Two daughters) and only (Husband)Rev Simeba survived but with serious internal injuries.No politician,No government has been to the funeral place at PWC Munali but we see them flocking to visit football players everyday.As a family and church we were left to buy coffins and meet all other funeral expenses. It saddens me that a country put priority to earthly things and leave Men of God to suffer like that. No wonder things are not good in this government. May God comfort and heal Rev Simeba.
PWC Member.

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