What about the GMOs you eat daily?

Dear Editor,

The hypocrisy exhibited by this useless government is shocking. There are alot of products coming in the country which are genetically modified,toxic and of extreme danger to the population and yet they are just seated dwii like zombies. They have allowed the importatation of these commodities despite knowing the danger they pose to community.

Why are they making so much noise on the fabricated Zambeef story ? For example they have allowed the importation of GMO, chemically treated rice to be imported in this country and being sold cheaply. This cheap toxic rice being sold in almost all supermarkets and wholesales in Kamwala for distribution throughout the country is destroying and disadvantaging the small scale farmers in Kaaputa, Chiengi, Nakonde , Lukulu, Chama, Senanga,  Kalabo, Mongu ,Zambezi and Chavuma.
Countrymen and women be warned that the imported rice being prepackaged by middlemen in lusaka is causing alot of health problems.Its destroying the the lively hoods of many small scale farmers. Despite calls to have the ban on rice imports the corruption in these ministries is shockingly high such that these Zombies don’t know whats good and bad the the population.

Please Zambeef is not alone that is if its true. Half the imported goods and food stuff are of little help to our country. They are just damaging


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