What about witchdoctors at state House?


We are not opposed to the President’s call for prayers and fasting on October 18th. We only have a few concerns;

We have fellowships here at State House but surprisingly the President has NEVER attended any of them, only the First Lady does when she’s around. Ironically, the President believes in Black Magic and right now as I write we have Three Sangomas who jetted in on Tuesday from Malawi. The night before he opened Parliament, they (Sangomas) went to Parliament to exorcise the seat because someone told him he would not live longer after seating thereon.

The whole weekend they’ve been exorcising State House at midnight exactly and we don’t know how long this is going to take.

We love prayer, but the lips that called for prayer are the wrong ones!! Infact those prayers the nation will offer should be for the President’s repentance and nothing else!

There are a lot of scaring things we are subjected to here at State House at night; only that I can’t list them one after the other because they will know those of us who were on duty and witnessed them.

Please, as the nation will be praying on the 18th, don’t only pray for this man’s repentance, pray for us too because our lives are in danger here

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