What Brian Hapunda said about ‘thuggery’ Sata last September

The following message was written and send by Brian Hapunda on his facebook on September 11, 2011 at 6:56am:

Brian Tendai Hapunda  Ba Muyembe & ba Mwenya, u have eyes but u cnt see, u have ears but u cant hear. what knowledge & wisdom does Sata possess over HH which is good for Zambia? Knowledge & wisdom in thuggery & hooliganism? Knowledge in insults & unseriousness? Come guys, for how long shall we continue to escort our grand Parents to power? Some of these leaders whom u are trying to push 4 have bin in Govt for 47 years now! What is it that they are gonna do now 4 benefit of Zambia which they have failed to do in their 47years years in Public Office?

What change is there by removing a 81 year oldman from Office & replacing him with an 83 year old man? Are we voting 4 leaders bcoz of ‘NI BAYAMA’ or we are voting coz we are looking for a best qualified individual to develop our Nation economical & Socially so that our Nation can be like other many other progressing Nations out there?

No doubt, only one candidate out of the Top 3 Presidential Candidates we’ve now has what it takes to drive Zambia in the Direction of realising Real & Practical Economic & social Development that will also bring about meaningful infrastructural development for Zambia, job creation $ us the young pipo, Pay our civil servants beta wages,build better road Network, Provide Free Education, provide Clean water Supply & Sanitation, provide beta quality health care etc.

Only HH & the UPND at the moment have what it takes to drive Zambia to that level we are hungry for. That u even know guys.

Brian Hapunda is now Sata’s agent/secretary in Southern province

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