What caused musician Daev’s death ?

What caused musician Daev’s death ?


We’ve all seen the video on DAEV who was kidnapped and assaulted by these three individuals, one of whom is Yo map’s girlfriend.

No matter the crime he committed you do not correct a wrong with a wrong. These three decided to assault DAEV and record it, for what?

This video could be the main reason DAEV died ,he must have thought of the embarrassment when the video leaks and so his mind was not with him when he was driving and that could have caused the accident!

May these three come out in the open and explain to the public why they did that and also apologize to the family and country at large or risk being taken to court for kidnapping and assault. The man who was taking the video is believed to be a drummer boy at Crazy fish band, he is also a drummer for Mag44 and Pompi therefore we want to see Mag44 and Pompi and also Crazy fish band to distance themselves from this act.

If this was a woman being attacked we would have seen several Women’s group come out to defend the women, let them come out and talk on these videos too.


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