What did we do or not do for our Zambian brothers to hate us

I’m a black South African leaving in S.A.I have been to other countries outside S.A but not in Africa.Its still in the plans to go visit,maybe 5 African countries.

When I heard about what VP Scott said,instead of getting angry at him or whoever is supporting him,I chose to ask this question;” is what he is saying what the majority of Zambians feel?If so,what did we do and what did we not do right to my Zambian brothers?”

This is a question I will ask my Zambian colleague,who happens to be my boss,down here in Cape Town.
Me and him,we always talk about football and last year,since he drives from S.A to Zambia,I was gonna go with him.Now,I’m a bit scared than I will not enjoy myself there.I’m not a chicken by any means,so,I will still go and visit.

What I want to know is where is this hatred comes from?What did we do to be likened to white S.Africans(which also,the majority is not that bad)and also why is our president likened to the apartheid president?

And also,what do we need to do to meet each other half-way?

I await anyone’s constructive response.

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