What does a state of emergency mean?


A situation of natural danger in which a government suspends normal constitutional procedures in order to introduces special measures such as increased powers for police or army , usually because of civil disorder or because of a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

Characteristics of the state of emergency:

1.increased powers of the police or army

2.suspend freedom of movement after certain hours e.g from 18hrs-8hrs no one is allowed to move .All should be indoors-if found you are arrested and at times remain in custody up the time it ends.

3.At times government suspends even court sittings in the judiciary

4. Governanment suspends parliamentary sittings.

5.Mult -national corporations like shoprite with shifts for workers will have to suspend some workers to allow for a short shift and this is not sustainable for the supermarket.

6.Mines have reduced production of copper and lay off some workers meaning some shifts are cancelled to reduce costs workers sent back home.

7.In cities Lusaka where there are traffic jams , many companies allow workers to knock off early to allow them get home early
8.Bus operators have to park buses by 17hrs if curfew begins at 17/18hrs meaning reduced salary.

9.No taxi pirating at night meaning increased hunger.

10.No bars or night clubs open meaning workers have to be laid off during the state of emergency meaning no salary.

11. Governanment may command all Telecommunication companies to switch off their internet facility meaning no whatsap, no facebook, no emails sent etc.

12.Private media houses will be closed during this period meaning no salaries for workers.

13. All trucks must be parked from 18-8hrs meaning slow deliveries resulting in losses and drivers are told to stay home by truck owners for their security.

14. President abuses his power and allows police to arrest people on mere suspicion .

15.if mishandled war breaks out

16.At times there is a coup detat where military ends up taking over and arrests all government leaders especially if there absolute abuse of human rights.

17.If you have patients at night you may only call an ambulance if it is available-or police emergency number and you are not allowed to visit your sick that night

18.When police fail soldiers come in and usually this situation has no regard to whether one is PF or UPND

19.Sometimes state of emergency resolves electoral disputes where military demands accountability from leaders especially when security wings become

20.The country loses when state of emergency leads to war.

21.Ending the state of emergency at times may not be easy that insecurity can be created forever.


There is need that the situation in the country is handled with care as the state of Emergency, if mishandled can backfire that all of us regardless of our political affiliation can lose peace forever.

The state of emergency can work well in a country where elections have not been disputed but there is disorder not where elections are disputed and a leader is imposing himself or herself as legimate winner.

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  • When people appreciate the value of freedom, the can do anything to attain it ,you are not Free provided you have the oppressed around you ,how March can you pay for freedom,the price you pay for freedom ,its never in vain if you are enjoying some freedom to day remember this their is someone who paid for that freedom with his life .so to day could be your turn to fight for the next generation to accord them the freedom you may not enjoy your self to day ,so continue to fight oppression of any kind. Remember the spiritual freedom you enjoy if you are a child of God Jesus Christ paid for it with his blood.

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    But do u know that wen a state of emergency is declared their will be no social media which means no whatsapp,Facebook,twitter etc

  • Makarios Elishah Sibande

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    rit’s true let it be plz because fyalaonaika zoona by ba oliseh

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    ba oliseh 8 months

    it’s true let it be plz because fyalaonaika zoona by ba oliseh

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    humphrey 8 months

    This is what many foolish and senseless zambians will need. Why taking things forgranted. State of emergency should just be declared so that we learn the importance of peace. We have only one president and that is his excellence Mr e .c lungu and anything will change this as at now. Gods time is the best.

  • Awisi anything to do with watchdog is shear nonsense to me.

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    Tivo 8 months

    I think it’s a good idea, government needs to regain control coz ba [email protected]

  • In other words no freedom its up to security.

  • this is bad

  • good move to much nosense

  • ZWD you are the ones misleading the country with your posts, now you want to behave like angels shame on you. Does it take too much trouble to track zwd, if yes plis fish them out for the sake of peace

  • This Line Of Thought Is True In A Country Were Election Results Have Disputed State Of Emergence LL Bring Arnachy There A So Many Things Burnt Name It Zesco Pylons Markets Courts Very Bad But Public Need To Play Important Role In Curbing This Vice Not Only Police And Sodiers Becoz They A Not Ominipresent To Know What L Hapen Next And A Place Therefore No Need Of Declaring An Emergence This Will Deprive Zambians Caged So To Speak And Several Brutalisation Incidences To Her People

  • With my little knowledge, i think the best way is to invest heavily in computerising NRCs, demand DNA from every citizen so that when such things like what has been going on happens, we’ll only need forensic investigation and not a state of emergency.

  • If declared for real i wud have loved it especially for number 3, 4,so that someone. Atolamo amano

  • These are clear articles of madness and fueling problems by inciting citizens unnecessary. Why do u jst promote hate and devisions? Now u even want to incite the army to resolve yo election pertition.

  • let it be

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  • hmmm if this what it cantains then it will be bad if the president wil declare it, however let us pray for our country than ever country men and women.

  • zambia cant manage it no money it is costly more corruption in police pipo will lose faith in pf just in amonth &wil react

  • us who knk around 24 wil b caught evry day( dj radio presenters and bar sellers)

  • Nkani yalula …mwanvwako zachoka ku nyumba yamalamulo ?(. State house)?

  • Humphrey Mlambia GP is This what we want??

  • I see u ar dogs as your names shows.Sure namutemwa ifi imbwa shine shilecita.Stop barking

  • Kentzo Mumba

  • Chitefwe Bambala it’s been explained here..