What else can we sacrifice?

If Felix Mutati is serous sacrificing, let him lead by example by doing the following:
He must not get his huge salary and three big cars as minister
He must not get his huge allowances and big cars as nominated MP
He must not be getting his big sitting allowances
That way he will really be sacrificing instead of telling us who have no income to sacrifice. What does he expect us to sacrifice, life itself? That is the only thing we have left, since even hope is gone.

We have heard this crap of sacrificing before from so many of these people who speak from the excitement of being appointed to big positions where they earn money. That is their own motivation. Mutati’s record of corruption when he was minister is there for all to see. So what sacrifice can he talk about? Let the rulers sacrifice for a change instead of telling us to sacrifice while eating lobsters from Pamodzi hotel.

Ernesto Mwape

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