What HH said during Mandevu rally

What HH said during Mandevu rally

The PF have broken the economy, resulting in job losses and rising prices. The impact has been felt most by those who have the least, with many now struggling to send their children to school and feed their family three, or even two, times a day.

To bring prices down and create jobs we must fix the economy. The UPND knows how to make this happen. We have a 10 Point Plan that will support local businesses and farmers to access credit, increase productivity and lower the costs of production, including the price of fertiliser. As they become more competitive prices will fall, while at the same time jobs are created.

Meanwhile, in the context of a stable and consistent policy environment we will be prioritising investment into the energy sector and value-addition industries.

Equally important will be our strong focus on investing in and empowering our people through access to education for all, mentorship programmes and a focus on practical and employable skills.

On 11th August Zambians face a choice. They can vote HH and UPND for economic liberation, jobs and education for all; or they can vote for Lungu more of his empty promises.
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