What HH said on Hot FM

What HH said on Hot FM



Called on government to provide good sanitation, flushing toilets, fix the broken sewer system in townships and markets.


Said Affected areas should have been disinfected then followed by disinfection in potential cholera areas

Disinfection exercise should have been a 2-day operation to cause minimum disruption to traders.

Cholera is a political issue: it is a health issue, a survival issue and is caused by economic issues.

Accused PF of not planning
“A leader preempts problems”

On government handling of Cholera
“government doesn’t spend money on providing clean water. In Kanyama it is not uncommon to have a pit latrine sited 3 metres from a shallow well”

Recommended that Markets and streets should be cleaned everyday, that access to public toilets should be free

*If UPND were in government*
*On Cholera*
Provision of good sanitation and clean water would be a priority
Flushing toilets would be installed
There would be proper drainages in the townships, people with
Houses built on waterways and sewer lines would be moved to other sites and compansated.
Local authorities and local government will enact planning regulations so that there is no illegal allocation of land
Local councils would take back control of markets and bus stations, not Cadres

*On Economy*
UPND has a target to grow the economy to a minimum 10% – it is currently 2% under PF, that is why there are no jobs
This growth will provide business opportunities
Contracts would be given to bona fide citizens of Zambia
“The money we will raise in the economy will be used to support the orphans, the sick and the vulnerable”

“E-Voucher is a dysfunctional system”
It has many problems including: farmers paying the K400 but the system not recognising them; tomorrow January 19th is the deadline, but some farmers have not yet received fertiliser
Farmers are failing to pay the K400 to activate the e-voucher because they haven’t been paid for previous year’s crop
PF is now known as Paya Farmer because they are punishing farmers

*If UPND were in government we would*
pay farmers decent price for their crop
pay them on time
Deliver low-priced inputs

*On Diversification*
* Under UPND diversification would mean managing the mining sector not the mediocre thinking of PF that we should move away from mining.
* We would grow other sectors like Agriculture, Tourism, Energy, value-addition like agro processing which will help grow the economy and create jobs
* We will increase copper production to take advantage when copper prices are high
* We will process more copper wires locally not just ZAMEFA

On Parastatals
“Zesco is a top quality diamond, a gold mine, but it is being used as a cash cow for PF”
Zesco is firing electrical engineers and their jobs being given to PF cadres
50% of Zesco revenue is spent on personal emoluments

*If UPND were in Government we will*
* reduce personal emoluments at Zesco to around 20%
* Improve their ability to be profitable by reinvesting resources into the assets of our parastatals
* Ensure that they stop losing money

*On Media*
We will promote media freedom
UPND believes in Human rights, liberties and freedom
“We would reform ZNBC to be a public broadcaster”

*ON a National Airline*
“A national airline in Zambia is not viable, it is not good f value for taxpayers’ money”

The British and South Africans keep pumping money into
British Airways and South African Airways.
Those high up in government are encouraging the start of national airline because they want contracts to supply – its for personal gain.
“How can the government manage to run an airline when you look at how they’ve mismanaged the cholera outbreak”

“It is an insult to compare PF to UPND, they have no policies and no vision”
“I will not only be the Chief Executive of Zambia but I will also be the Chief Investment officer and chief Marketing Officer/chief negotiator for Zambia”
“ why would a minister sit and wait for something like cholera to happen? Then react with force when people demonstrate at his government’s mismanagement”
“UPND leadership includes nationalists and other parties who want to work with us “
“Earning of forex from tourism and energy will reduce the relative importance of mining”
“Slogans like Dununa Reverse are reflective of the people who come up with this reverse thinking.”
“I spend many hours at night thinking of the welfare of the Zambian people”
“When in Office, I will come to radio stations to discuss national matters”
“Cadres have become important because there is no leadership in PF”

“Zack how can you launch an airline when you can’t even handle cholera in Kanyama”.

“absence of leadership in PF is what has caused chaos”

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