What Hichilema said on Saturday press briefing

What Hichilema said on Saturday press briefing

imageI say to you, It is not our intellect, it is not that we are special. It is because of your strength and the 15 million Zambians” – HH

“We do not seek favours, we seek justice” – HH

“We need the rule of law to apply to everybody” – HH

“I want to say to you people of Zambia, let us be each others keeper. Let us not listen to this ethnicity talk.” – HH

“Let us not be divided by falsehoods and lose a beautiful country” – HH

“The only division that is there is between those with a vision and those without vision” – HH

“If an election is stolen, we did not choose to go in the street, we chose to go to court” – HH

“I am calling each one of you to take responsibility to keep this country together.” – HH

“Most of us if we are not intermarried, our relatives are intermarried; We have allowed those who have failed to run our country to divide us” – HH

“I want to thank everybody for being here, journalists please deliver the message. I know your constraint” – HH

“If somebody wants to destroy our country because he has no capacity to run the country. He wants us to fight” – HH

“We must continue believing in our God. Only one God. We have children to look after, grandchildren including those that are not born yet.” – HH

“It is our duty to carry this nation, to wrestle it away from negative elements, thuggery in our markets, in bus stops, work places” – HH

“We must work together to end that thuggery” – HH

“We live in a global village. If this country goes aflame, it affects everybody.” – HH

“Thank you to all for coming here. We are very happy to have you here, please come again. God bless you all.” – HH

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