‘What I think of president Lungu so far’


Yes I acknowledge that its too early to judge the president’s performance in officea,mention his weaknesses and areas he’s falling out but as citizen of this country I’m getting quiet concerned in the way our President is handling his government business.Yes every president has his own ways of managing a country and I strongly support the thought that One should not judge a book before they read the contents.I can so far say I have ready chapter 1 of Edgars way of management and I still have 15 chapters(months before elections) ahead to read before I can give a final judgement of HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s book of governance.I am a PF supporter and strongly supported the president in his campaigns,Readers can say whatever they like but that’s the truth and I would want the PF party to move on ahead with success.I have three major concerns so far in the chapter one of HE Edgar Lungu’s management skills.
1: Our president seems to be a quite too reserved person which I feel might be one of the reasons his colleagues in the PF may be undermining him.He does not seem to show so much authority over his juniors and this can be seen from how the following:
He publicly complained to the party chairperson Mrs Inonge Wina that some of his party colleagues where undermining him.my view is he should have taken action to show his authority over these colleagues,surely why complain if you are the party president and have the authority to descipline those under rating your authority.Secondly the statement he made when appointing Nkandu Luo that if she wasn’t interested in the position she was given he could find someone to replace her. This shows that the president is merely appointing people based on the support they gave him and not necessarily on merit. Why say this if I’m not comfortable to employ someone in my company then as a boss I can simply leave that person out instead making statement that sound as if I’m appointing them because of a favour the did for me.Thirdly,our president doesn’t seem to have a clear direction on which to take our country Zambia because of the statement he made the other day that he did not mind losing in 2016,to me as a PF supporter that was very demotivating and I believe to other PF supporters as well: I president has to show us that he has a passion for that position and he is ready to take this country forward by speaking positively about his intentions for the country. 2: HE Edgar lungu doesn’t seem to show so much concern on the major economic issues such as the falling Kwacha which may see fuel prices go up again in our country if not taken care of.Yes I understand there are several other factors affecting our currency but our president can atleast take actions that can show he’s concerned and willing to find solutions,but he’s just adamant over this. 3:HE Edgar Lungu’s appointment of 2 deputies in some ministries shows that he’s not so much concerned on Government overexpenditure.Some Zambians have supported this move,for reasons only known to themselves, but let’s be realistic here One deputy minister’s annual income can help help improve other affected sectors such as the health sector which has had some drug shortages recently.The President’s prioritising of foreign trips is another concern that cannot be left out and the money used on these trips can be put to good use for the benefit of Zambians. The one month Edgar has been in office seriously has not impressed me personally and I’m greatly concerned on our future and what we should expect from HE Edgar Lungu.I personally don’t see much from him.Readers on this post can make their own judgements on my concerns but as a citizen of this country I am entitled to express my concerns publicly especially those to do with the way forward for our country.
Thank you all and have a Good time.

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