‘What if the Kwacha appreciated?’


All things being equal… Let’s assume the opposite happened where the Kwacha gained, say ZMW2.50 to US$1.

Was our current regime in government going to tell the nation that it is because of the positive economic happenings around the globe? Or they will just take the glory like they did when oil prices went down?

Or now pa Zed it’s like ‘good equals the President at work while bad’ it wasn’t me… its either God, nature or the globe to blame.

Or maybe those entrusted with power to safeguard our economy are asleep as ba shikulu said that, “ nalala alefoloma ne mikonono”.

This is a WAKEUP CALL… weulele mbuka!!!!

How do our current regime want ZAMBIANS to remember them… Mr. President , Sir. Mr. Minister, and all of you Honourables? Zambia is breaking down before your watch…

Concerned citizen

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