What is happening in Zambia is unprecedented – Kalale

Danny Kalale, former ECZ Director Writes; Injustice is seen and not perceived from two angles, one is the value oriented angle and the other is the independent or neutral angle.

In the case at hand, three cardinal governance institutions, namely ECZ, Judiciary and the Presidency have with no doubt misbehaved but unfortunately depending on your political inclination you can see it or you can choose not to see it.

But here it is;
Firstly, unheard of and unprecedented because I have been there myself before , ECZ accredits and gives access and password to the results management system to an outsider, what was the motive?

That outsider is ostensibly arrested but quickly released in no time and goes about scot free. Then there was Blantant dispute of results in Kanyama, as though that’s not enough the ECZ chairman goes on to announce wrong election results figures. All this is visually recorded.

There’s also unprecedented biased puplic media coverage giving undue advantage to one party and carelessly and maliciously disadvantaging others, this was done at a new level and with utmost impunity.

There’s also a new but very dangerous phenomenon of a massive clamp down on private media, unprecedented!

There’s also an uncertain, unsure, incompetent Concourt which deliberately with no valid reason refuses to give a direction and a directive for the President elect to step aside as per constitutional dictate.

Then there’s also the Presidency that refuses to step down with impunity.
This is not a level playing field. It’s also known as injustice.

In all fairness these matters should have been addressed to exonerate the three institutions than to leave it just there as long as someone gets inaugurated.

What’s the use of having vital governance institutions shrouded in suspicion, shame and disrespect when justice would have laundered all the negative perception or would have corrected the wrongs.

Anyway no matter how much I may go one a value laden mind will not see sense in all that may be said.

As at today, what matters is one’s political orientation, subjective stance. Everything else, next time.

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