What is our worth as Zambians?

What is our worth as Zambians?

Musician Callen Chisha (2WICE) writes:

“I spent part of my afternoon interacting with an Indian friend. We were discussing some business ideas and somehow she managed to make me think deeply about our worth as a country.

She asked me rhetorical but fundamentally challenging questions.
1. Which bank in Zambia is owned 100% by Zambians?
2. Which of the big super markets belong to Zambians?
3. Who controls the mines?
4. Who are the largest commercial farmers in Zambia?
6. Who owns the telecommunications companies?
7. Which curriculum do you use in your schools?
8. Do you manufacture any medicines and if you do, do you own those companies?
9. Who is in charge of all the prime land?
10. Do you have a national agenda and if you do, what’s your national agenda?

These were too many questions for me to answer and she told me she did not need answers but just wanted me to think about it.

She went further to tell me that if you can’t control capital and the means of production, the only thing you can be is LABOUR.

If you can’t own land and have titles to it, you are SQUATTERS.

If you can’t control the financial sector then you are simply PAWNS in the financial scheme of things and that’s why money is so expensive in this country.

Last but not least you need to have national pride and unit for you to prosper.

Well I felt schooled and am still contemplating as to whether we understand our worth as a people. This is not new to me but it felt new coming from a foreign national who has been in the country only for a short period.”

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