What is wrong with Lungu?

Pliz hide my ID
1. He was in denial of the tension in the country.
2. He refused to talk to the church and get to the
bottom of it.
3. His political party has more information about the
so called arsonists than the police
4. His party have published false alarms accusing opposition, shamelessly.
5. His government is frustrating the progress of the
most stupid treason case in history.
6. He once told the nation he is ready for violence.
7. The police havent concluded investigations in
this fire prone market but he has. 8. He has never taken measures to curb political
violence perpetrated by his party.
9. it could have been arson, insurance fraud,
vandalism, electric fault, cigarette, negligence,
jealous traders or mad ex-wife, but non of that, it
must be something convinient enough to use to kill the opposition, its SABOTAGE OUR PRESIDENT IS SIMPLY UNSTABLE AND INSECURE,


  • ECL is our republican president though he is the least liked by voters going by how many voted against him. I think this is what makes him insecure

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      Chibwe 7 months

      Lungu is insecure becoz he stole the 2016 Election Victory from HH. Had Lungu won the Election he would have been the first one to prove in Court how he won the Election. Lungu knows that if the Petition was heard in an Independent and Impartial Court he would be found guilty of Electoral Fraud and Treason for abrogating the Zambian Constitution. Lungu wants HH and UPND to recognize a Vote Thief as a Legitimate President, but Lungu doesn’t want to prove his legitimacy in Court.The guilty are afraid, very afraid indeed.

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        RiggingPF 7 months


  • Ba mutamba mbwa mulimashilu

  • Ba mwembwa mulimashilu sana

  • How many pipo has been arrested over city market so far?

  • PF guys be angry, this is the truth..

  • Only time and change are permanent.
    Any other situation is just a passing phase.

  • it,s lungu beyond 2021

  • The fact is ecl is the one who caused the fire.he inducted the carders to do so.they store the items and burnt.ecl ure a kawad man.

  • To convince upnd that they lost ,take them to constiution court and the pentition head,then you are done.thats the bigging of all tensions.

  • we ored knw dat everythin z wrng with lungu in here nothin z gud or corect abt him here

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  • zoona……bamalonda bali kwi? elyo aba londa ma cadre yaba PF naba ZAMBIA POLICE

  • Very true only bakandile ne mpumba mikowa ama ignorants can not agree.

  • If I were President Edgar Lungu which am not I could be working on correcting the many IRREGULARITIES and FLAWS detected in the 11th August 2016 elections. This is tested route that Ghanaian government took after a disputed election that the current President petitioned in courts of law. All stake holders must invited to participate. This will in turn reduce TENSION especially if they is transparency in dicussions and efforts by those in power. This route isn’t only cheaper than Police patrols and covert monitoring of one political party. This will also bring back confidence in investors local and foreign. It will also dissolve the DICTATORSHIP tag.

  • lungu is behind the fire so that he can poisoned the name of Upnd

  • He is burning markets so that people turn against the opposition, Lungu had a criminal mind.

  • He is burning markets so that people turn against the opposition, Lungu had a criminal mind.

  • Very well spoken,butl Lungu is behind the fires to try and turn the citizens against UPND but he has failed because God has given wisdom to most of us and are able to tell that government is behind the fires. Surely lungu is evil and cruel, how can he let city market be burnt just for fear of HH and the pending petition case. Zambia wake up its Lungu behind these fires, if it was the opposition they would have gone for key institutions like cabinet office and other government ministries to halt government operations. He is evil, he has opted to sacrifice a little in the hands of poor people at the markets.

    • Good spoken my friend him thinks Zambians dont know,if it’s us UPND members this time around we must be behind bars and charged for treason.

    • may God fogive you

  • There’s nothing like hide my ID. Article 31 has been invoked, see ? How do you hide, in this case of striping some of the rights ? Police has more powers to arrest anyone without a search warrant. So you’re wasting your time to hide yo ID’s. Be open and be factual or you join yo boss in hell.

  • Some tourists are better keeping away from Chuundu because they are evil and trouble makers. Chuundu people are peaceful and don’t need their peace disturbed by foreign criminals.

  • When the city market was burnt where were the security guards?? Police shud arrest them coz they know something about wat happened

  • 1. This message is directed to every Political Party, every member in PF who is regretting, every independent Zambian who endorsed this leadership in 2015 and 2016 but now have realized that they exercised poor judgement.
    2. This message does not apply to cadres educated or not who choose not to reason, and instead choose to focus on insults, intimidations and illogical reasoning to defend anything and everything, deny the truth even though it goes against their conscience, but would rather exchange their dignity and that of the nation for a few pieces of silver, insecure positions and insecure recognition.
    3. You are all responsible for the current situation in the country and you have to correct your endorsements practically by fighting peacefully to restore democracy in Zambia. You can not just say you no longer support this current leadership, issue statements and end there, you have to use all legal and peaceful methods local and international to restore democracy in Zambia. This message also applies to the rational at ECZ ,the judiciary and the police if quality was and has been compromised. May God strengthen every rational Zambian in the peaceful fight to restore democracy in Zambia.

  • I am sure nshishibe, lol. Why are you worried?

  • the man has no dirrection,cry mother zambia

  • PF don’t worry these are the last kicks of the dying UPND

    • Stupid thinking, what has this criminal at state house achieved for the poor Zambians other than sending his fellow idiots like you to burn markets and accuse the innocent opposition, its your idiot st state house kicking his last dying kicks and soon he will be in jail

  • And you made sure the president realise that there is tension in the country by burning city market. Evil people.

    • The idiot had already l
      Planned the burning of city market, Lungu is nothing but a wreck less criminal.

    • The idiot had already l
      Planned the burning of city market, Lungu is nothing but a wreck less criminal.

  • am requestng zambian pipo dnt wary abaut pf thags 2getha with thre lidar lets us mek biz 2 pray livng god ,thn aftar some fel manths we shel se somethng anda wat sameone hire in zambian he is going 2 answar with god and dat wn wire re going 2 se god s miracle

  • So most of ZWD followers are PF

  • ECL and PF won these last elections point and squarely, how can a political party like Upnd claim to have won when it has 58 MPs out 150 MPs and just won in 2 and half provinces out of 10 provinces? This is simple arithmetics, these guys in leadership in Upnd must have there heads checked up they might be psychopaths. Or is it a case of someone trying to cling to the seat of party presidency in the name of rigging for the fear of his docile members who can’t read in between the lines that maybe they may rise against him for losing 6 consecutive time in a row…?

    • You are also a chap!

    • ##Vincent u ar naturally dumb

    • A Fool Of Fools, U Nid Skul

    • Kansansa are u normal,upnd are claiming that their election were stolen and u expect them to have more mp sure lets allow them to be heared by the court. jst go to dictictionary see the meaning of stealing or stole

    • They won in your shallow mind.

    • haaaa.., chiko malama wasekesha man… ayi kuti akwatashani ifingi elyo aleilishanya ati walinjibila ama vote

    • useless comment

    • I thought learned pipo can analyse issues properly. why can’t pf allow the petition to be heard in the courts of law nd once that iz done all the dust will settle down , everyone will be quite , l can assure u . bt as long as there iz a pending petition maybe .

    • So why not hear the petition in full. You are reasoning like a baby man. Those factors you are pointing out are not determining factors of an overall win or loss…anyhow, why am I even taking time to explain this, you already know this: the problem is your biased unyielding view on matters overall. Reason has been clouded by emotions and sentiment smh.

    • Machende ya nyoko motherfucker

    • PF did not win last year’s election,mulesumina fye.

    • 2.5 provinces against 7 for sure where is the winning here.the petition should be heard within 14 days so how did you use the 14 days ba upnd

    • Your analysis is very poorly done, Michael Sata’s PF won 60 MPs and the presidency in 2011. Why can’t Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND win the presidency with 58 MPs?

  • lungu z a political baby.

  • Wonder why doctors at chinama are not attending to him…..

  • In short you’re saying he’s the Donald Trump of Zambia.Lol

  • Watch dog kindly stop this kind of reporting. It is detrimental to us.

  • Is Lusaka City Market insured?

    • such buildings must be insured.

    • The marketeers are supposed to insure their businesses. That establishment may be insured but that insurance is for the building, not the contents therein.

  • exactly my thought.

  • So what are you trying to assume?