What Kambwili should be telling us

What Kambwili should be telling us

Former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili is quoted as challenging Edgar Lungu to diclassify the Digital Migration contract so that he can tell the nation how public resources to the tune of US273 million has been stolen by Edgar Lungu and a bunch of his hungry minions.

Brother Kambwili’s so called fear is that Cabinet discussions are classified as State Secrets and since Kambwili took oath of secrecy, it will be criminal for him to disclose details of the day light plunder. Otherwise the PIG (Police Inspector General) would pounce on him that is if the PIG Kakoma Kanganja identifies his voice.

Anyway we would like to remind Chishimba Kambwili that we also try our best to make leaders accountable to the voters. Almost the entire PF cabinet including former Ministers have accrued huge chunks of money. Chishimba Kambwili should be reminded that he was Cabinet Minister when Edgar Lungu went to Saudi Arabia purporting to have gone to strike a deal for cheaper petroleum and that Zambians would be buying fuel at 5 to 8 Kwacha per litre. Where is that cheap fuel?

Chishimba Kambwili should not grow cold feet today because he was in the forefront singing lies about cheap fuel when he knows Edgar Lungu went to hide money in Saudi Arabia. The same money from Digital Migration and came back with no cheap fuel. Actually information reaching us is that Lungu came back with more money from Saudi as the Saudi King gave him US30million. The questions Chishimba Kambwili should be asking Lungu is where is the money from Saudi Arabia not diclassification of Cabinet nonsense. Is there any need to diclassify any discussion in the cabinet full of Zombies when theft and plunder can be seen on their faces?

We pity the people who danced the whole night Dununa reverse others semi naked in dirty pants. ” Ati Ba Sata ebatushile. Leaving you with problems? Kambwili also warns his successor Kampamba Mulenga not ti be used because she does not know anything. Yes Kambwili is right. When this deal was happening Kampamba a former Sex worker was Kalulushi District Commissioner. What does she know about this? This was Edgar Lungu’s first big deal and that is how he bought Blue Nile in Chawama and later named it Ndozo Lodge 2. Kambwili was in Cabinet when the C400 (Copperbelt 400) was designed. This is a project to tar 400km of Copperbelt township roads. We are aware that the contract was originaly given to a Chinese Company called China Henan. Why is it that it is now Avic doing the roads? Is it that Avic has constructed mansions for Edgar? Aren’t those the mansions Saviour Chishimba of the UPP questioned Lungu and to date there has been no answer? This is the information we need to hear from Kambwili and not that unlifting of veil nonsense. Mwaliba bonse (You all have stolen) and your time for reckoning is near with Lungu. With God 1000 years is like one day and one day is like 1000 years. If Lungu and his minions will not be punished for his grand theft by this generation, his Children, grand children and great Grand Children will definately not escape. You can not have a President who accumulates wealth from K2million to K40million within two years. What business is he doing? Is he selling people’s body parts? Kambwili should tell us more. Mukakakwa.

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