What kind of people are we?


Well I just thought to use your platform to voice some few words to Zambians.

With the current state of the nation, where a government thinks it can do as it pleases and in so doing runs the nation into the ground one wonders just where the people stand. I have realised that there is no togetherness in our Nation, we are fond of complaining behind closed doors and never really stand together and demonstrate our feelings to the right bodies.

Yes ofcourse we are a peaceful nation, a Christian nation but honestly should we be abused all in the name of keeping peace??

The rich in the country are not bothered, they educate their children abroad while the poor suffer at the poor education system.

I believe the only time we will go anywhere as a country is when we realise that the power belongs to us, Amandla Ayethu!! We put them into power and we can take them out of it!!

Where is the oneness?? We need to voice our concerns and make sure change manifests.. People in alot of towns practically live without any water, poor sanitations are the order of the day yet they keep telling us they are working??

I can talk about a whole lot of examplea of how we re being mistreated but you already know them. We tend to stand together fearlessly on issues that are petty but never fight in the real war!

My question is what are you doing about it??

Remember United we stand but devided we fall!!



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