What makes Lungu think he will win?

I find it hard to understand President Lungu to say he will not allow the opposition to cause violence by not accepting election results. How does he know that he will win the election even before the ballot? Who has told him that he will win? what if it is him who is going to lose? Are the police made for Edgar Lungu alone such that he can even use them to do what is wrong? How do you win elections way before you vote? If there are some people cheating the president that he will win these elections they must stop that because they will be visited by a shock of their lives on the 11th August. They will try to manipulate the figures but it will be to much for them because the vote for HH and the UPND will be coming from all over the country. Your Edgar Lungu has no message for Zambians and all he says at his rallies is violence, violence; he has never explained an economic equation since the campaign started. Every time you see the President on his campaigns he is either talking about violence or HH and GBM how they have kept him away from winning the coming elections. The people want to know why Meal Meal is getting expensive amidst a bumper harvest, why house rentals are becoming expensive when there are no jobs, why school fees are becoming expensive when our parents are not working, why the inflation rate has shot up from 7% to 23%, why the kwacha has lost power to the dollar etc. These are things the president has not explained or given hope that they will change; but on the other hand his competitors in the UPND are busy explaining how they are planning to lower the cost of living through their 10 point plan. Lungu must accept his defeat on the 11th August because he has no message for the people of Zambia and above all he is surrounding himself with useless people who have no political power but only thuggery. What can Frank Bwalya, Davis Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Kalusha Bwalya, Enoch Kavindele and others do to win Lungu an election? THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD UNDER WHAT MAY BE; PRESIDENT LUNGU CANNOT WIN THESE ELECTIONS WITH THE REASONS I HAVE SAID HERE. HANG ME IF YOU WANT.

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