What money can do: Judicial workers’ Mwale U-turns, says Chief Justice must go

Judicial and Allied Workers Union of Zambia president Peter Mwale has literally within 24 hours changed his  stance on calls by a few people for Justice Justice Ernest Sakala to resign.

A few people like Sylvia Masebo and University of Zambia students leaders on PF payroll have been lined up in government newspapers and allied media to call for the resignation of the Chief Justice.

Yesterday (Saturday), Peter Mwale was quoted by Radio Phoenix saying that people who are calling for the Chief Justice to resign must wait for his contract to expire.

But today (Sunday), the same Peter Mwale told reporters in Lusaka that the Chief Justice must resign to pave way for comprehensive reforms in the judiciary.

When asked why he has changed his mind overnight, Mwale said there is now overwhelming public calls for the chief Justice to resign.

Mwale did not explain if he had a meeting with his executive committee members to endorse this sudden change of heart.

In the past few weeks, Peter Mwale has been moving from one news room to the other opposing the suspension of three judges by president Michael Sata. Last week he said  President Sata Flouted Article 91 Subsection 2 Which Says That The Judiciary Shall Be Independent And Impartial.

Mwale  Noted That President Sata Should Have Followed The Right Channel Before Taking Such A Decision ,However Says The Judiciary Workers Want To See A Tribunal Which Will Work In The Interest Of The People And Yield Results Which Will Be Of Benefit To Everybody.

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