What president Banda said when launching his campaign

What president Banda said when launching his campaign


My friends,

I stood in this very room in 2008 and launched a winning campaign. Today I stand in this room and launch a winning campaign. 2011 will be another MMD victory.

We have shown that the MMD continues to be a responsible party. We have shown that the MMD is a party of warmth and hospitality. We invited outsiders to watch us – we have nothing to hide. We are proud to be MMD. We are proud to be Zambian.

In April we ran our convention with transparency – unlike PF. MMD candidates were nominated democratically and fairly – unlike PF. We in the MMD do not talk democracy, we do democracy – unlike PF.

2011 is election year – lets us be recognised for our achievements, for our ambition and for our vision. We can be proud of our achievements, and what we stand for. I am proud to be the MMD presidential candidate. I will not let you down.

I am proud to lead great candidates into battle. In 2011 the MMD will win at all levels. MMD councillors will win, MMD parliamentarians will win, the MMD presidential candidate will win.

I will fight to win, you will fight to win, together as the MMD, we will win this election. Why? Because people recognise the MMD is genuinely a party for all Zambians. Why? Because only the MMD has delivered good results for all Zambians. Why? Because only an MMD government can deliver security, stability and prosperity for all Zambians.

Since 2008, our farmers have produced record crops. 2011 was the second bumper harvest. Zambia now exports food to Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and to the wider world. And many farming jobs have been created.

Since 2008, our miners have broken all production records. Old mines were saved, new mines have been opened. Multi-million dollar investments have been made. And many mining jobs have been created.

Since 2008, our doctors and nurses have treated us. Old hospitals renovated, new clinics have been built. Mobile hospitals reach new patients. And many health jobs have been created.

Our young people are leaving school better educated than before. Bright children for a brighter future. Old schools have been made fit, new classrooms are being built. And many teaching jobs have been created.

Since 2008, we have built bridges, rehabilitated roads, driving Zambia forward. New shopping malls are going up, infrastructure is being built. And many new construction jobs have been created. Our list of achievements and progress is long, and, God willing, we will continue adding to it over the next five years.

But friends, we must be honest with ourselves and with our fellow Zambians. 2008 and 2009 were very cruel years. The world economy was in ruins and, as Zambians, we had to be careful with our money. But did we complain? No, we pulled together and united in hard work.

As your president and candidate, I will go to the electorate with humility in my heart and with honest words in my mouth. It is true that since 2008, we have done a lot. But have we achieved all our goals? No, we have not. Is there more we can do? Yes, there is.

Will we do much more in the next five years? Yes, much, much more. Will we build more schools? Yes we will. Will we open more mines? Yes we will. Will we build more roads? Yes we will. Will we open more clinics? Yes we will. Will we grow more crops? Yes we will. Will we build tomorrow’s Zambia? Yes we will.

In the 2008 election, I told Zambians to look at the other candidates carefully. I said, “do not listen to what they may claim; see with your own eyes what they have actually done.” I will say it again in 2011.

See what we have done in just two years of my presidency; imagine what we will do in the next five! Our MMD 2011 manifesto is going even further to explain what more we want to do. It is up to us, all of us here today, all party members, from the very top to the very bottom of our structure, to deliver the MMD message.

It is up to each and every one of us to convince the skeptical that tomorrow’s Zambia is safe in our hands. We want their trust, but trust is not given lightly, we must prove we have earned it. As a party, a united party, every one of us must go out and spread the MMD word.

National campaigning is hard – trust me I know, 2008 was tough work. I cannot do it on my own, you cannot do it on your own, no-one can…but as a team, working together we can do it. Only by pulling together can we spread our message.

By the time voting day comes, we will have spread our message,

–          Through every province,

–          To every district,

–          To every constituency,

–          To every village,

–          Into every house

Be you a bank manager, a teacher, a doctor, a mechanic, a mother, a student, a policeman, a soldier, or a herd boy… it does not matter who you are, what you do, where you live, come election day, you will have heard our message.

Our message is simple: we will build tomorrow’s Zambia through a plan of development for all. And we will deliver development for all Zambians through a 7-point plan aimed at:

  1. Increasing agricultural production and food security for all Zambians;
    1. Building better schools for our children;
    2. Creating a better health service for our people;
    3. More jobs for all our people;
  2. Building quality infrastructure throughout the country;
  3. Reinforcing equal opportunities for all by providing access to productive resources such as loans, land and training, and,
  4. Sustaining and strengthening democratic governance.

By focussing on these, we believe that we can create the most jobs for all, create the most wealth for all, create most stability for all, create security for all. And with these, we will achieve a prosperous Zambia for all. This is what an MMD government of 2011 – 2016 is pledging to do.

But what of the other parties? So far, we have heard nothing of substance from them. What do they offer? Nothing. Michael Sata talks a lot, but says very little. He claims to be a big man, but he lacks substance. He promises everything, but delivers nothing. When he and his PF friends come calling, ask them questions.

Ask the PF how they will build tomorrows Zambia. Ask the PF how they will create stability for all Zambians. Ask the PF how they will create security for all Zambians. Ask the PF how they will create prosperity for all Zambians.

And ask this question, the most important question of all. Can Michael Sata ever really be a president for all Zambians? My friends, the people of Zambia already know the answer. They have rejected Sata three times already.

Dr. Frederick Chiluba rejected him as successor, because he knew he was not worthy. Dr Levy Mwanawasa beat him in 2001, because he was the better man. He beat him again in 2006, easily! I beat him in 2008. And in 2011, I will beat him again.

But Sata never learns, he is like a punch-drunk boxer, who keeps coming back for more. Well, this time the MMD is going to knock him out for good! The people of Zambia will be the referee….let them count him out.

My friends, for Michael Sata, the final hour has really come. The PF boat is sinking and Sata will go down forever.

As president since 2008, I can stand before the Zambian people and point to what we have achieved. I stand on my record, the record of my government and the record of my party. I am ready to be judged by the people.

As a party, we are ready to be judged by the people. They have seen what we have done; we have been constructive and energetic. They have also seen what the opposition have been doing; fighting and squabbling like children.

Michael Sata will be asking Zambians to vote for him. Let him stand on his record too. In 2008, he promised to fix load-shedding in 90 days. Nobody believed him. In 2008 he promised to build the Livingstone road in 90 days. Nobody believed him. In 2008 he promised more money in your pockets. But he never said how he would deliver these things, because he did not know how.

Again in 2011, he is promising the same things. He has no vision, no new ideas, no direction. He is yesterday’s man. This year he will say that it is time for change. But change to what? People of Zambia your choice is simple. You can go backwards with PF or forwards with MMD.

The truth is that PF is a one-man band. It has a sick heart, it has no soul, it only has Sata. Can Zambians trust Sata? I say ‘no’. Just ask young HH. He trusted Sata and he got hurt. The pact was meant to be about team-work; but Sata is not a team player.

We knew the pact would never work because we know that sata will say and do anything to get power.

Because of their mistakes and failures, the Zambian people will punish them. The MMD will take votes from PF up and down the country, we will take them from the Copperbelt, we will take them from Lusaka, we will even take them in Luapula. And watch out UPND… we will also take them in Southern Province. We will take them because we are the party for all Zambians.

Sata likes to call himself the cobra. I never trust a creature that slithers on its stomach, would you trust a snake? I warn all Zambians; if you play with the cobra expect to get bitten.

But…that is democracy for you. Everybody has the right to stand for election – even Michael Sata. And that is whyI love Zambia so much. We are a tolerant nation. We are a proud nation. We are a truly democratic nation. And we are a nation that makes the right choices.

In 2011, I call on all Zambians to conduct themselves with civility and honour. As a party, we will not resort to violence and will work with the authorities to ensure that Zambia is held up as a beacon of good democracy.

As a party, we will conduct ourselves in a lawful manner. Nobody must bring dishonour to our fine name. When campaigning, do not be distracted by taunts and false arguments. We must keep our tempers down and our spirits up.

Be fair and be just. Be honest with our achievements and do not tell lies. Do not give ammunition to those who want to cause us mischief. Please remember this over the coming months. We do not repel people, we attract them.

We will leave the negative words to Sata and The Post. Can you imagine what a visitor to Zambia thinks when they read The Post? They must think we are a backward, third world country. But they are wrong, and The Post is wrong.

– We are an advancing economy, now with middle-income status

– We are one of the top 10 fastest-growing economies in the world.

– We are one of the easiest countries to start up a business.

–          The economy has been growing at average 6.6 per cent per year.

–          There are no longer fuel shortages

–          The exchange rate is stable

–          Inflation is coming down.

–          Standard of living going up

–          Price of cement is coming down

–          As a nation we are getting stronger

–          More people now own their own homes

–          More people are investing in Zambia than ever before

–          More people are in employment than ever before

–          And mealie meal price has come down

All delivered by an MMD government.

Some people cannot bring themselves to accept that we are doing a good job. Remember the saying, ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see’.

Well, my friends, we must go from this place and tell the whole Zambia that Sata and his friends at The Post are wrong, and that the journey to tomorrow’s Zambia must go on.

Only one party can deliver stability – MMD!

Only one party can deliver security – MMD!

Only one party can deliver prosperity – MMD!

Only one party can deliver for Zambia – MMD!

There is only one party to vote for – MMD!

There is only one party for all Zambians – MMD!

My friends,

2011 is here. The hour has come!


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