What really happened in Ndola?

The press statement below was emailed by the office of the second president of Zambia Fredrick Chiluba Wednesday morning:
9TH June 2010
We are surprised by the deliberately twisted media reports arising from Second Republican President, Dr. Frederick Chiluba’s presence on the copperbelt.
From the onset, Dr. Chiluba’s other home is on the Copperbelt. Dr. Chiluba and Mrs Regina Chiluba also have a farm that they tend to seasonally. The nation also knows how deep rooted Dr. Chiluba’s family ties are on the Copperbelt especially in Ndola, Kitwe, Luanshya and Mufulira.
It is therefore expected that Dr. Chiluba and his family will make regular trips to the Copperbelt.
When Dr. Chiluba supported the Patriotic Front (PF), he made similar and numerous trips to the Copperbelt and the nation will remember that MMD then, never made an issue of his presence there and we didn’t see the MMD panic in the desperate manner the PF are.
We are shocked that Dr. Chiluba’s private trips are maliciously reported as political campaigns. This has been followed by fabricated reports that have been churned out in the private media alleging that Dr. Chiluba has received hostile reception on the Copperbelt.
A case of fabrication is his visit to the funeral house in Chifubu yesterday on 8th June 2010.
On his way back to his place of residence, he made a stopover at Chifubu Market at 16:50hrs. As many witnesses would testify, the whole market came to a standstill as residents and marketers welcomed him and struggled to get a glimpse of him. An elderly marketeer and widow, a Mrs. Lise Bwalya, of Hse No. 38CHD787, and whose house was first electrified by Dr. Chiluba’s program of lighting townships on the Copperbelt and Lusaka, demanded that she takes him to her house across the market. Dr. Chiluba obliged and he walked with her in the streets of Chifubu into her house.
At this stage the crowd had swelled and was chanting “FTJ, FTJ”! He became a guest of Mrs. Bwalya and met her family for a few minute. On his way to the car, a riled PF cadre came from the large crowd claiming “Uleonala PF, Kabiyei” and attempted to attack Dr. Chiluba! The security quickly restrained him and the crowd admonished his foolish behavior towards a former head of state.
It is therefore strange that an isolated and individual action by one PF cadre from a multitude of supporters can be maliciously translated to mean that Dr. Chiluba received hostility in Chifubu.
We wish to advise the PF and their supporters not to show desperate panic every time they learn of Dr. Chiluba’s presence anywhere. He is a free citizen. The PF’S fear that he is taking away their political support from residents wherever he goes is totally illogical. The PF should have confidence in the popularity of their leader and their programs and their constant pre-occupation and obsession with Dr. Chiluba’s movements is now bordering on crime.
While on the Copperbelt, residents with difficult and longstanding problems have requested Dr. Chiluba’s intervention in many issues. For example Wusakile residents whose houses share communal toilets that have been neglected and have not been serviced by the new sewerage company. ZCCM used to maintain and service community and communal facilities but now lie abandoned and suffer from lack of service. Ex-miners have also made Dr. Chiluba their patron and he has coordinated the search for a solution with government for their numerous problems of title deeds, unpaid dues and other issues.
Dr. Chiluba also visited former ZAFFICO houses in Kalulushi who want the houses sold to sitting tenants and former workers. Residents also requested for his intervention on many issues as the local councilors have paid a deaf ear to their plight.
Dr. Chiluba is a former head of state. He is not seeking any party of government office. He will be engaged in non-partisan issue that he deems helps our people.
We wish to reiterate that Dr. Chiluba is not on the Copperbelt to conduct political campaigns. He is at home. However he will use every opportunity to help those communities that will seek his help. He will relay such problems to government whose duty it is to attend to the issues.
Emmanuel Mwamba

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