What Seer1 knows but many PF cadres don’t

What Seer1 knows but many PF cadres don’t

With a day left to the final day of reckoning for Andrew Ejimande Aka “Seer 1” ‘s ‘Do As I Say’ power clients are mentioned or is it killed, I share three things that he knows that few of the so called Born Again believers in Africa don’t know.

His confidence that not even prayer will save those that got power from him that is if he really has that power is based on these three things that all should know today.

1. Anyone who enters into an agreement with Satan or spirits for fame or riches cross the line of grace, have darkened hearts and minds to accept conviction for sin easily and turn to God. Unless God intervenes there is almost zero chance that such would yield to Him in full submission with the only motive they would seek Him would be for protection out of fear not genuine repentance.
– A prayer offered with wrong motives can never be answered – James 4:3.

2. Andrew has been around most of these Zambian pastors and self acclaimed prophets and knows them well enough and their secret sinful dealings. He knows that none of the so called clergy that are aligned to the Patriotic Front government and are beneficiaries of their loot are of God including our own Religious Affairs minister, Reverend Sumaili even when she tries so hard to act as one. None of them can offer effective prayers that will be heard by God that he interposes incase of a spiritual attack. If indeed they were able to then Joy Imakando, Joshua Banda, Sunday Sinyangwe and many other so called Anointed men of God would have boldly stepped up to denounce and dare him, their quietness tells it all.

3. Andrew knows that Pentecostalism as a christian practice of faith is a hoax, and is impotent of the very power its adherents claim and try to display through miracles and prophecies. The gimmicks he uses to perform miracles and give prophecies are the same ones everyone uses all over Africa to draw crowds so how will he fear their prayers or which God will answer prayers from an error founded and based faith. Incase many have no idea of what am talking about then let them Google search Charles Parham, William J. Seymour or Azusa street revival to understand what it is all about. A belief system founded on error and left uncorrected for more than a century does not become a correct one by long practice, it remains erroneous and unsanctioned of Heaven. I challenge those who claim to have miraculous and prophetic power to prove me wrong.

It’s high time everyone Introspected and proved their own Christian beliefs or they will find themselves relying on a God who does not approve of their religious beliefs, a God who has never approved of their faith practice.

One More Day to Roll Call.

Mbanga Irvine Ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America.

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