What TB Joshua said about a capsizing ferry


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On Sunday February 5, 2012, during the course of the Sunday Service, broadcast live around the world on Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on several prophetic messages as revealed to him by God Almighty. One of those prophecies concerned a ferry in an African nation. Prophet T.B. Joshua did not give the date the ferry incident would occur. Prophet T.B. Joshua did not give the country the incident would occur.


“I’m seeing a very big -will I call it a ferry? It carries people. It’s a ferry; it’s not even a ship. It’s a ferry. Breaking news said a thousand people died. The boat capsized. They should be very careful. This is an African nation. I’m going to ask God to show me the direction, the route where this ferry is going.”

This was the prophetic message spoken with regard to a ferry. These were all the words of that prophecy. The Bible warns us: “Touch not Mine anointed and do My prophets no harm”. We are not to add or subtract from what God has said. We are simply to put it in prayer. The day will declare who is right and who is wrong. Take note: That day was not mentioned in the prophetic message given by Prophet T.B. Joshua on February 5, 2012 regarding a ferry in an African nation.

Recall 2 Chronicles 18. The kings of nations called upon the prophets to advise them. Every direction, they wanted to know from the prophet and the servant of God – where to go and how to go about it, whether to go or not. A call was made to 400 men of God, men of God who were very close to the corridor of power. And one lying spirit made 400 lying prophets. All 400 men said, “Go up, for God will deliver it into the king’s hand.”

When searching for the truth, we must not only look within but beyond our palace. There was still one man somewhere who heard from God, someone they hated because he never predicted anything good about the king. He was Micaiah, the son of Imla.

And Micaiah alone stood to say, “Look, I’m telling you, I saw the Israelites scatter on the hills like a sheep without a shepherd. I’m telling you that you will not come back”. They arrested him and put him in the prison and his only reply was, “If ever you come back, God has not spoken through me”.

Men who cry peace to our leaders and prophesy nothing but smooth things, take note, these are smooth things – they are not prophetic. But a true prophet of God will say, I, as surely as the Lord lives, I will tell only what God says.



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