What to do on voting day

What to do on voting day

*Poll day information*

When you enter the polling station you will be taken to:
*Table 1.* where identification and verification in the register will be done.
*Table 2* Your right tip of the thumb nail will be inked.

*Don’t go with painted nails*

Then you will be given a Presidential Ballot paper which is *stamped at the back*

*Table 3* You will be issued with three Ballot papers:

I)National Assembly(MP)
II)Council Chairperson(CC)
III) Local Government (Councilor)
All the Ballot papers *Must* *be stamped* at the back.

You will then go to the Booth to mark your preferred candidate. Choose only one per Ballot paper.

Then place your Ballot papers in the correct Ballot Boxes.
1. *Orange* for Presidential
2. *Red* for MP
3. *Purple* for Mayor/ Council Chairperson
4. *Black* for Local Government/ Councilor .

When in Doubt Please feel free to ask the poll staff.

Your Vote Your Right,
Your Vote your Voice

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