What UPND should know

What UPND should know

Frankly, the country now needs more of the opposition than ever. But the opposition does not realise this need from people. Zambians are naturally peaceful people and will never resort to react to malfunctions of its govt.

You see UPND should have won election way back in 2015 but its members are a shame to say the least. UPND members are very vibrant on social media but will never be found on the ground forming branches and strengthening their wards and constituencies. Leaders in all organs especially now are cadres that are always wishful expectants of their president giving them food and money than them striving in poverty to uplift their party. You will only hear them talking and complaining of the party not giving them resources or always wanting to be found at the residence of HH than them finding means and ways of sacrificing for the party so numbers can increase and structures can become more stronger. This is not to mean there are no better members. Lusaka and copperbelt could by now be UPND but because they have constituency executives who are sleepy and docile, PF is still felt striving.

I love how PF conducted its politics especially during 2010 to 2011. Its members were never seen expectant of its president handing them with resources but they were all seen in wards and constituencies making impacts. They were fearless, never timid of any threats from the police or MMD cadres. PF cadres could dare mighty Mr Banda who was Lusaka Province MMD chairman. PF cadres were able to abduct MMD officials at a hotel along Tambo Mbeki road. That is the type of cadres a party wishing to form govt should be like. Fearless and never shaken. Members who can strive through hunger and poverty to pull to the finishing line. Cadres who can consider themselves as drivers of the party. Cadres who ask themselves questions like, ” if I am not there, who will then be there. If I am not forming branches, who will?” A party member must be able to find on a daily basis tactics and schemes that will bring numbers to its existence.

Today UPND is not even holding its convention to elect its strong team. They need to have a functional executive and structures.

Look a party is you and not HH or GBM. Without you, their can never be a party. Most UPND members have some means of survival and if you all stood up and sacrificed for you party in some way, I assure you that come 2021, you will form govt. Imagine even a chitenge must come from your president? Surely nangu balawina sure where?

You see this is the time to bring on board bena Kambwili, Kalaba, Nawakwi etc and form one team. Don’t bring them as coalition partners but as members of the party. Don’t be selfish but open your doors. Ifyashala fikaisanga nga mwawina.

The next thing we will see is an influx of post of today’s court ruling on social media. My friends stop being complainants. Go out and work hard and strengthen your structure and become a powerful tool for your party than busy this and that. You see the courts also at time give verdicts for the parties that seem to be more antagonistic as they know, with that pressure from PF outside court, the country can be on fire and they would rather protect the nation by giving even painful and false judgements. kabombe boyi. But do you still trust our courts? Whatever the answer you have, better go down and work for UPND to form govt tomorrow.


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    It is all stupidity that is in UPND for how can you expect to form government when you have such poor structures at the grassroots? It is all stupidity and a lack of seriousness. In fact the opposition are actually the ones to blame for this constitutional rape and defiling for how can one describe this kind of docility, and silence from the opposition? Where is civil society when all this is happening? What is the church doing? I’ll would rather cite the opposition, civil society and the church for contempt. We Zambians have actually fallen short not only of the glory of God but also of mother Zambia…we are a disgrace to say the least.

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    Zambians are not peaceful I beg to differ with the author of the article but the truth of the matter is that we are docile and want to hid behind being peaceful and Christianity. It is stupidity actually to allow the raping of the constitution and then say we are peaceful.

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    Kapalamatunga 4 days ago

    zambia is blessed with a lot of think tanks dotted in different tuma political parties, we have Gallant Men like Andy Ford Banda, Mr Chanda, HH,Mr Chipimo,Mr Kambwili, Mr Kalaba,Mr Milupi, Mr Magande and many more
    These gallant Men Men speak sense and have practical experiences, therefore the sake of mother zambia kindly team up to unscrew Pf who have failed to uphold constitution in so many ways
    swallow your pride if you love zambia our Fathers. Alone you can not remove them from power they have state machinery and their Men in different government wings so do no expect any thing good bwana . ULUSE KUBANA TUFYELE because we have sold our soul to chinese in the name of debts

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    @Maano:SPOT ON!!!Your views about Zambia and UPND is very true!!!
    Look,UPND have no fuctioning structures at ward,branch,constituency level across Zambia and especially in PF strongholds.What UPND or NDC have are senior officials who simply make noise in Lusaka minus proper structures across Zambia!!You cant win elections like that.SERIOUS FOOT SOLDIERS WHO WORK DAILY WITH PEOPLE ON THE GROUNDS ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE A PARTY TO WIN ELECTIONS!!Late Michael Sata knew this fact,so he had strongholds officials working daily at ward,district and provincial level.PF have continued strengthering such structures across Zambia and that is why PF wins elections.YOU CANT WIN ELECTIONS ONLINE OR BY JUMPING FROM ONE RADIO/TV STATION TO ANOTHER-NO!!!Many people are busy and do not listen to radio or watch your PRIME TV!!!Many Zambians would rather watch Gospel channels or Nigerian movies or Zambian films or soccer on DStv than watching HH/Kambwili on prime or muvi tv.This is the fact!!!HENCE,OFTENLY MESSAGES FROM THE OPPOSITION LEADERS JUST END UP IN THE AIR (DO NOT REACH VOTERS)!!!
    Forget about rigging,our opposition parties are just weak and make same mistakes year in,year out!!!Their message is too boring because they only focus on calling ECL names instead of explaining to Zambians how they would do things better than PF if elected into office!!!Mr Sata defeated MMD in 2011 because his message of HOPE was loud & clear to all Zambians!!Today who understands clearly what HH’s UPND or Kambwili’s NDC stand for?Almost nobody!!!ALL THEY WANT IS TO ENTER STATE HOUSE THEN JAIL PF OFFICIALS!!!What will this benefit a poor Zambian?kkkkkkkkkk….WAKE UP BO OPPOSITION,OTHERWISE,2021 WILL SURELY BE WON BY PF!!!

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    Fenwick 4 days ago

    You’re a very prejudiced, gullible and misguided fellow..

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    Maano 4 days ago

    UPND should stop jumping the gun by concentrating on economic aspirations, nay! Zambia is not yet uhuru. Zambians are still politically dependent. Zambians still need to be politically emancipated, first and foremost. You cannot reasonably attain economic independence before political independence. Zambia is to date only colonially independent. Zambia is yet to attain political independence. Why then jump the gun to economic independence?
    things first!Zambians should set their priorities right. We need political independence like yesterday! The problem Zambia faces is bad governance. Zambia is an autocracy in substance, but semi-democratic on paper, constitutionally. The constitution of Zambia is essentially autocratic, rather than democratic in letter, hence the governance confusion! Zambia needs to de concentrate, decentralise, devolve power, and federate, in order to achieve true democracy. The biggest weakness and undoing of the largest opposition party in Zambia, the UPND, is its lack of strong and functioning party structures at grassroots levels: the Constituency, ward, branches, and ,possibly, the section and village levels. The need for strong party structures need not be over emphasised!So, far apart from pointing out the weaknesses of PF, they are not telling the Nation what their alternative governance system is. UPND should not just seen to be crying, their message should be very loud and clear! The UPND Ten Points Plan is in fact only one point after all, rather than ten points. The point they are making is only an attempted diagnosis of the problems Zambia is facing. It does not address the causes of the problems and offer solutions! UPND needs to prescribe solutions to Zambia’s problems – bad governance!

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    Muntu Bulyo 5 days ago

    Zambians do not worry. It is always darkest and coldest before dawn.

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    Musumali Liyunga 5 days ago

    The true losers are not UPND members or HH and GBM. The true losers are people of Zambia who are being represented by a mediocre Government who are incapable of Governing properly. To hell with Con court. Their vaginas and pins.

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      habungabu 5 days ago

      U got it all wrong. HH is so dull and arrogant for nothing and is visionless. Ask me why. Mwanawasa tried to draft him close to the throne…he rejected the offer of being the vice president. Even if you’re dull at some point you must believe that Zambia is a christian nation… Sata also tried to draft him into the game….no way HH could see the light at the end of the tunnel. And he keeps lying to everyone that he’ll fix it! WHAT? See clearly the people you support. Had not been for privitisation sake Hh could have maybe 200 cattle by now and God would not allow you to rule when he knows you’re a bad leader. If not so kumbula could have ruled in the first place.