What voting for HH means


By: Anthony Bwalya

In 2021, we are not just taking political power away from the PF and giving it to the UPND.

This change must, should and will deliver:

1. A lasting solution to the over $20bn debt mountain, 50% of which is reasonably understood to be illegal loans.

Zambia cannot afford $200m per month in interest repayments on her various loans. A UPND administration is targeting $50m per month in interest repayments, allowing government to spend more money on essential public services such as putting teachers into classrooms, doctors and nurses into hospitals, essential medicines and equipment and creating real opportunities for the youth.

2. A dedicated crusade against grand, politically motivated corruption. Under the PF, Zambia loses around $2.5bn PER YEAR to grand crime involving high ranking government officials.

Other than expanding the functional independence of crime watchdog bodies such as the ACC, FIC and the police, we need to expand expert funding to these institutions in order to intensify their ability to respond to complex crime.

3. A progressive, people centred personal TAXATION regime which will deliver a minimum K850 into people’s pockets. We are LOWER PAYE to literally put more money into your pockets, and this what the $1.5bn 5 year tax reform plan will mean.

4. A progressive, people centred PENSIONS regime that will, for the first time in the history of our country, allow contributors into NAPSA to enjoy partial, periodic access to your pensions contributions in real time WITHOUT having to wait for retirement.

This is aimed at delivering real value for money for our people who are projected to lose 40% of the value of their pensions at retirement.

5. Reduced cost of agriculture by reducing the cost of inputs, among them fertilizer and seed.

Under the PF regime, a bag of fertilizer is costing K550. This is because the PF are allowing their private sector fertilizer dealers to put a 320% markup per bag of fertilizer imported.

Note that the PF regime is spending $500m per annum on exploitative fertilizer import contracts.

A UPND administration will deliver a bag of fertilizer at no more than K150. This will be done by prioritizing reinvestments into Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia, and shed off the theft on markup which is paid for by poor farmers.

6. Restoration of MEAL ALLOWANCES for students at UNZA and CBU, and engage in progressive discussions around the equitable expansion of student support mechanisms to other institutions of higher learning, including private institutions such as UNILUS.

UPND policies on education will be about expanded choice of learning for students.

7. Restoration of service years for health workers who were fired from their jobs by the PF regime of Michael Sata, merely for daring to speak up for themselves.

We will restore the culture of open and honest engagement within the civil service and abolish the culture of threats and intimidation against our civil servants.

8. Infrastructure development at less than 50% the cost of works under the PF regime. While the PF have inflated all public works contracts by 50%, a UPND administration will deliver value for money on all public works and channel all excess funding to critical areas of the economy.

The UPND opposed the $1.3bn costing on the Ndola – Lusaka dual carriage way, and the PF have since U – turned on what would have been the biggest single act of theft on a public contract.

In 2021, vote Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND for an inclusive, equitable Zambia.


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