What was ZNBC apologising about?

Dear Editor,

I wondered what ZNBC management was apologizing for  which they termed as Substandard broadcast of the  worst awards in the history of Zambia’Born and Bred’.

We have been subjected to sub standard from time in memorial and apologies everyday with no improvements.

Remember  that is tax payers money at work and we the viewers are disgusted.

What Chibamba is trying to do is ‘Damage Control’ at the expense of incompetent staff at the national broadcaster.

Is it not Chibamba  Kanyama who last year strongly condemned the same awards to paint a bad picture on ‘Poor’ Joe Chilaizya.What was so different this year? It was total disaster  !

Chibamba should should not play sharp to protect his PF  appointed JOB.

Clean up ZNBC , we expect excellence.

I wonder   why   Chibamba  accepted that appointment which I feel was a trap to silence him because he was critical of certain economic policies.

Lets wait and see ..

Concerned Viewer,


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