Whatever Kambwili says now meaningless

Whatever Kambwili says now meaningless

Whatever Chishimba Kambwili is saying now is hogwash.

To think that Kambwili can today stand on a public podium and praise president Edgar Lungu just shows that Kambwili is a mad person.

Remember this????? It was just a few months ago. Has anything changed from the time Kambwili said this about Lungu and what he is saying now?

But it’s not just Kambwili who is surprising us. The recipients of his current endorsement are more perplexing. They don’t seen to realise that whatever Kambwili says now actually takes away from their integrity.
You see Kambwili stands for nothing. He is an empty drifting by. Thunder without rains.
Tomorrow he will say the complete opposite of what he is saying today.

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