Whatever Kambwili says now meaningless

Whatever Kambwili says now meaningless

Whatever Chishimba Kambwili is saying now is hogwash.

To think that Kambwili can today stand on a public podium and praise president Edgar Lungu just shows that Kambwili is a mad person.

Remember this👇? It was just a few months ago. Has anything changed from the time Kambwili said this about Lungu and what he is saying now?

But it’s not just Kambwili who is surprising us. The recipients of his current endorsement are more perplexing. They don’t seen to realise that whatever Kambwili says now actually takes away from their integrity.
You see Kambwili stands for nothing. He is an empty drifting by. Thunder without rains.
Tomorrow he will say the complete opposite of what he is saying today.

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    THE WATCHMAN 2 weeks ago

    Please leave my young brother alone.
    He has just proved to the world how much of a stealth political player he is. Next time, do your selves a great favour, don’t pay attention to what he says….! Even when he gives you warning that a lion is coming…just ignore him….!

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    When ECL loses, I can assure you will change also and start condemning PF. Tue the man has lost all credibility.

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    Muwerewere Musemakweri 2 weeks ago

    Chishimba Kambwili is lost all the respect he once commented among credible Zambians . Its costly to be principled and Kambwili could not live to that. Kambwili is just hanging by by threat of line and if he does not make loud noise to impress his masters then he will fall hard apart. Let him talk all the remaining days till his eyes will pop out with shock when results will be announced that HH and UPND Alliance have carried the day. The current situation is already showing that whatever the once Mighty PF has been trying to will not save them from the Huge Impending Defeat. Debt Swap, Banning Political Rallies, restricting movement of opponents, using underhand methods to disadvantage opponents etc. God forbid no wonder things are all over FALLING APART. Even the fake pastors who used to parade themselves in Front and Associate with the PF leadership are quickly distancing themselves. That is ISOLATION PROCESS BEGINS. Just like losing Network Connectivity.

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    Samlindo 2 weeks ago

    Kambwili is living in Limbo, and his countenance has fallen, in my own view, he has started regretting on the decision he made to be swept back to PF, in my vision, I see him crying every night before he goes to sleep because the problems he has created for himself are real, it was better to serve the sentence than the life that he will be subjected to after 12th August 2021. BUT HE MAY TRY HIS APOLOGETIC STUNT AGAIN, ONLY THAT THIS TIME AROUND< THAT STUNT HAS EXPIRED.