Whatsapp calls can’t Threaten telecoms

Whatsapp calls can’t Threaten telecoms

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The government says its noted an increase in the use of internet phone calls at the expense of traditional voice calls and they’ve further said that this threatens the telecommunications industry and jobs in companies such as Zamtel, Airtel and MTN.

They need to tell us how this is so because the companies they mentioned are actually the internet service providers and internet is not offered for free, people have to buy bundles. These companies have actually diversified from traditional voice calls to internet phone calls through selling bundles and making the bundles as affordable as possible and these same companies are making huge profits.

My question is, where will the 30 ngwee go because telecommunication companies are doing well at the moment as they have just diversified their portfolio and internet they are offering is not offered for free and they are profitable.

It’s time we united as citizens and worked together to put our country in order regardless of our political affiliation.


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