When a lawyer fails to understand simple legal issue

When a lawyer fails to understand simple legal issue

On Tuesday last week,  Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Mr Tutwa Ngulube, a lawyer, raised a point of order whether Mr Romeo Kangombe was in order to maintain his seat in the House after his verdict and suspended sentence in the Chinsali Magistrate’s court.

Speaker’s ruling: The Sesheke Central lawmaker is in order to retain his seat in this August house.
He has not vacated his seat unless or until such a time that he violets the conditions of the sentence, explained Dr Matibini, a lawyer.
The above matter, though raised in parliament, is a legal matter, raised as a point of order by a lawyer and NOT by a lay person or any other person like my fellow Facebook lawyers.
The above matter is just one example of the legal merry – go – round and judicial ping pong that Zambians have now, unfortunately been subjected to.
It’s now becoming not only frustratingly counterproductive but even more so irritatingly retrogressive to all well meaning and serious ordinary Zambians.
Frustrating and irritating that ordinary Zambians should now be subjected to the unnecessary legal debates and arguments by our lawyers, based on their political patronage and expediency, as opposed to their professional principles and philosophy of law.
Depending on which side of their  political bread is buttered, then all the clauses in our constitution will continue to remain upside down and in reverse by our learned men and women.
The Presidential eligibility as well as Grade 12 certificate and other clauses in the now evidently rushed 2016 Constitutional Amendment bill has now exposed our lawyers political alignment and vulnerability.
Held Office and Sworn in Twice, to some may not be the same as Held Office and Sworn in Two Times, they will argue.
Grade 12 certificate or equivalent to some may not be the same as Grade 12 and IT’S equivalent and the simple clause needed the Constitutional court to interpret.
What a Shame.
And our learned men and women will even have the audacity and shamelessly find time to go to Radio and TV stations trying to debate these straight forward issues amongst themselves.
In the end, they just end up looking elegantly dressed, well fed, talking good english BUT end up confusing Zambians even more.
This, unfortunately, is how our once upon a time cherished, vibrant and envied profession is slowly losing credibility.
This, unfortunately, is how our learned men and women are gradually placing and trading their hitherto cherished and envied professional values with some loudly and laughable political gains.
To you our learned men and women, is it that the law of the land has now become  too complicated for you to understand?
Or is it you our learned men and women who have now become too complicated for us the Zambians to understand you..
For us Zambians to understand and appreciate your legal thoughts and guidance to the ordinary Zambian, as per your calling and mandate.
Friday Kashiwa.

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    Kalok 2 weeks ago

    Look at it another way. The incessant challenge against the constitution and the meaning of constitutionality of its acts and clauses is OK. In a country like the USA it is customary to have legal challenges almost immediately a law is passed. Nothing wrong with that. It also helps the population become aware and sensitive to laws being enacted.  It is all for good!

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 3 weeks ago

    Let’s be clear – there is nothing learned about Zambian lawyers. They are a bunch of money hungry, gutless opportunists who are leading this country into disaster. Just slap a lawyer if there is one near you! From The Humble Drunkard to Tutwa, they are all a bunch of twits.

  • comment-avatar
    Jordan chulu 3 weeks ago

    Bushe Tutwa, is real Lawyer? He must have just been helped to pass. As for me he is dull person. People of Kabwe, please don’t vote for him

  • comment-avatar

    Tutwa Ngulube is total disgrace to lawyers’ profession. He is always embarrassing his colleagues the lawyers and yhose who tutered him in law school.

  • comment-avatar

    Some lawyers acquired their degrees through “Mwembeshi Satellite”.

  • comment-avatar
    Maibiba 3 weeks ago

    This swine is one hell of a waste of space, he is gutless in his opportunism, the good God in heaven must equally be disgusted by Tunyoko Ngulube!