When Panga family ask for votes, ask them why do they deserve it again

By Laura Miti

In the last 3 years, everyone in the PF leadership had to have known that cadres were being armed with pangas. Not one of them stood up to condemn such a reckless act, much less stop it. We citizens have been forced to watch as cadres armed like Hutus during the Rwandan genocide took over our streets with astounding impunity.

It was clear they knew that they had the support of people in high places. I mean they had not bought those pangas with their own money had they? With that background, when I think that the PF is going to ask us to keep it in office in the bye election coming up, as well as in 2016, something inside me boils.

I would like to know, who bought those pangas? Was it President Sata, Wynter Kabimba, GBM, Chikwanda, Kambwili – who? I would like the PF leadership to explain why their hold on power was more important than the tradition of peace we hold so dear. Above all else, I would like to know how they intend to get those pangas out of our townships. We cannot continue to pretend they are not there.

Even if the pangas are not used in electoral violence, they will raise our violent crime figures. I hope Zambians will raise these questions in the upcoming elections. Everybody in PF from the President we are mourning to the area leader owes us answers. President Sata is gone, but the other leaders are here. Here acting like they have done in the last 3 years – as if they own Zambia – our very souls are theirs to do with as they like.

They must stop this nonsense of fighting for a hold on the power that they have used to take the country backwards. Instead Zambia let us demand answers. When they ask for our vote let us ask them , why do you deserve it?

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