Former Miss Zambia stands by convicted husband

Julie with convicted husband

Julie with convicted husband. But when was she Miss Zambia?

The defiant wife of shamed footballer Marlon King vowed to support her husband last night.

Julie, a former Miss Zambia, accompanied him to court on every day of his trial this week, this is according to British Media.

And despite his conviction and 18-month jail term, Julie, 26, said she will still be waiting for Marlon when he leaves prison.

She said of the dad-of-three: “I’m standing by him because I love him and I know he is innocent.”

King, 29, was out with friends celebrating the news that Julie was expecting their third child when he sexually assaulted and punched his victim.

But Julie said she believes his claim it was mistaken identity.

She also denied she had been behind shouts of “institutionalised racism” which greeted his sentencing on Thursday.

She said: “No, that wasn’t me saying that.” Yesterday she was at their £1million mock-Tudor mansion in Goff’s Oak, Herts, with relatives helping with their three children. King’s agent Tony Finnegan said Julie wants to visit Marlon as soon as possible.

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He explained: “You can imagine how she feels with three children and her husband in jail. She didn’t commit a crime.

“The first thing she is trying to do now is go and see her husband at the first available opportunity.

“She loves her husband and she’s going to stick by him.

“There’s no question of why she should stick by him. The vows say for better or for worse.

“It’s not her fault she fell in love with the guy.”

He added: “The kids are saying ‘where’s daddy’. It’s difficult.”

The striker’s dad Carl King also vowed to support him. Carl, of South London, said: “We are standing by Marlon and helping to put his life back together.

“Our priority is to make sure he is all right. We will defend him. But the time to speak up is not now.”

Courtesy of the Mirror (UK)

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