When we say Chikwanda has resigned

Readers here will remember that on two occasions we wrote that Finance Minister Chikwanda resigned from his position as Minister of Finance.  The last time we wrote that, Minister of Information and Chief government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya issued a statement refuting the report.

Since Zambians easily forget like late Levy Mwanawasa correctly observed, we would like to remind you of the recent happenings regarding former Defense Minister Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

Had GBM remained in Cabinet, the investigations he and his family are going through would not have seen the light of the day.

No they would not have. This is what Chikwanda is scared of.

We stated in earlier stories that when Chikwanda first resigned, Michael Sata the President of Zambia blackmailed him and told him that he was going to be investigated over the Kwacha re-basing programme.

Sata believes Chikwanda did not come out clean of re-basing programme.

We wrote about this story but as usual some Zambians called us names. The second time Chikwanda resigned, Sata blackmailed him over the Statutory Instrument number 89 (SI89).

This is an SI that allowed mining firms to export Copper concentrates. You know how Sata got mad over this and how he publicly embarrassed the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Berlin Msiska and Commissioner of Taxes Dingani Banda. Sata is aware that the SI 89 was done by Chikwanda and Kingsley Chanda former ZRA Commissioner of Taxes who are stakeholders in Lubambe Mines.

Chikwanda was one of the first directors of Lubambe mine while Chanda is the Mine’s tax advisor. It is believed US$ 4 million exchanged hands. Sata is aware of all this. Do you think Chikwanda would like to go through what GBM is going through? That is why Chikwanda resigns; the next day he finds a public function to officiate at.

The first time he resigned; the following day he went to officially open a Natsave branch in some rural part of Zambia.

The second time he resigned; the next day he was opening a ZRA office in Choma.

Sata simply tells him that if you resign, you face an arrest. That is what he is doing to that thug called Willie Nsanda the board chairperson for Roads Development Agency (RDA). Sata knows that Nsanda has been getting roads contracts though he has no construction company but he sells the contracts to other people.

So Sata uses that information to blackmail Nsanda and sends him to attack his personal friend GBM.

These are the reasons some Ministers in the PF government cannot resign.

Only the tough tested like GBM can. For how else would a Minister of Works Yamfwa Mukanga a qualified Engineer be insulted by a Grade Seven in the name of the President and remain in Cabinet.

Hasn’t he also chewed in some projects? You resign. You are arrested.

But Sata is the biggest thief and his time to be investigated is slowly but surely coming unless he will be saved by ….

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