When you have a mad president

When you have a mad president

When you have a Joker as President. It is now abundantly clear that if there is one big mistake Michael Sata made was to leave us with Edgar Lungu. Lungu is a serious joker who does not care the direction the country takes as long as he has made money. However, the chances are higher that he may not even enjoy this money because he is destined for very big problems.


Edgar’s leadership can be said to be that of a headless Chicken. Just last week he had to launch a project in Kasama despite knowing that there was a court order. Then he goes to South Africa to summon opposition leaders from that country for a meeting and in the end embarrased.


You may be aware that the SA’s Democratic  Alliace Leader Maimane was deported from Zambia by Stephen Kampyongo in the name of Edgar Lungu. When he called for a meeting in South Africa he was with the same Kampyongo. Surely do you think Maimane could have accepted to attend such a meeting?

Look at the chaos the PIG (Police Inspector General) has created. If Lungu was normal couldn’t he have fired the PIG Kakoma Kanganja?

Where are the twelve suspects that the PIG said were going to appear in court for torching City Market? Haven’t they  all been released without a charge?

How will Lungu justify his declaration of a State of emergency next time since everyone now knows the stupidity?


As if this is not enough, Lungu then takes his madness abroad just to embarrass the country.

We have read the opinions of George Chella and Laura Miti. Yes just as much as we may blame aides, Lungu himself has to take the bigger part of the blame. Is he not the one who says he is the Alpha and the Omega? Lungu’s phisicians at State House should quickly examine their client. He may need to be caged at Chainama Mental Hospital. His Simcard seems to have been deactivated by too much Whisky.

Now we here he even drinks with Bowman Lusambo. Surely the Presidency has gone to Dogs. We deserve better.

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