Where are our plots?

Dear Editor

Please investigate what is happening at Kitwe city council. In 2009 when Ali Simwinga was the

Town clerk an area along Kitwe – Kalulushi  road was opened and it was called Kitwe West.

Plots were advertised in the daily papers and immediately a plot was allocated.

Up to today most of us have not been allocated plots due to illegal settlers even after paying.

We have letters of offer from the council as well as payments done to the ministry of Lands.

Just recently the council through the town clerk Bornwell Luanga advertised that we the affected people go

to the council to be allocated our long awaited plots but that proved futile as the settlers have refused to move.

When we go the council we are told to wait that there is  no land , but a few weeks ago the Mayor Bweupe Chileshe

gave out plots to Nkana Football Club. How is it that from no where land is available when we who paid and followed the right channels are

being denied land. Please investigate . The Public Relations officer Dorothy Sampa is of no help as well.



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