Where are photos of masses who welcomed Lungu in Livingstone?

Where are photos of masses who welcomed Lungu in Livingstone?

FB_IMG_1448096305757 12241578_858421437611286_5071341580237746894_nBa Editor,
After watching the El Clasico in which my team Barca embarrassed and put Madrid were it belongs, I accidentally moved my channel to the disgraced and most useless channel on earth-ZNBC TV1. There was this man on the news apparently from the moon who was refuting a story published by the now born again Post.

He was saying the Post lied about the reception his excellency received in Livingstone. He claimed the President of the Republic of Zambia was well received there and people went to see him because they were happy.

I found that laughable. ZNBC didn’t show any still or moving pictures to refute that. They didn’t show evidence the way you ZWD did when HH was in Kitwe or Mongu. Interestingly they didn’t put a file footage too. Who were they lying? Obviously its themselves.

I am certain if they were people or even indians by accident who paraded to see him, they went to see the worst President on the planet. The president who has made their lives unbearable and made many Zambians experience hell before they even get their. Livingstone is a tourist attraction and ba Lungu deserves to be embalmed and put in one of the museums with a title over him: THE WORST PRESIDENT IN LIVING MEMORY.

I didn’t equally see a footage of people jubilating as claimed by dead NBC, when he was at the Barclays cup.

I remember what the analyst said about Real Madrid. He said that the body language of all the players was showing that things are not ok at the club. I can say the same about the news casters. In the past they used to smile a lot even when they new they were reading rubbish. Yesterday Claudette and the partner couldn’t afford to smile. The body language is a testimony that ZNBC workers are not happy too. After all they, like all other civil servant, have also not been paid the November Salary. Kindly hide my identity.

In the Photos: Lungu in Livingstone waves at trees and houses and a few people crossing the road. Now compare these photos to those you saw of HH and GBM in Luaynsha, a former PF stronghold.

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