Where can Zambians go to seek justice ?

Where can Zambians go to seek justice ?


By Friday Kashiwa

In Zambia, one ought to be careful when discussing matters relating to the judicially, otherwise you risk landing yourself in hot soup.
So I will be very careful because I don’t like hot soup.
Memories are still fresh when our own Zambian brothers wanted to seek some clarifications from the highest judicial bench in the land, but instead of getting justice, they landed themselves in hot soup:
– Derrick Sinjela was sentenced and served his jail time..
– Gregory Chifire was forced to flee his own country of birth and he is up to now in exile.
– Respected man of God Bishop John Mambo was made to apologise, like a naughty kid caught stealing cookies.

So as I bemoan the gradual decay, depreciating and rotting justice system in my country Zambia I will be careful not to injure the persona reputation of any judicial officer.
But I will candidly and strongly condemn the judicial system our men and women of the bench are currently presiding over.

Where will Opposition Leaders like Chishimba Kambwili seek justice if the person presiding over his case can have the audacity to tell him to go to hell with his Covid positive diagnosis and issue a bench warrant for his immediate arrest.

Where the person presiding over his case can tell him to go to hell with his remaining and available defence witnesses and prematurely closes the case and set the day of judgement.

Where the whole judicial system can tell Pilato and his colleagues to go to hell with their case, on behalf of the majority Zambians, against the Electoral Commission of Zambia – ECZ, because the person presiding over the case is in Covid isolation. More important isolation than for Chishimba Kambwili.

Where now the Electoral Commission of Zambia can have the audacity to make their own electoral laws, rules and regulations beyond their jurisdiction and mandate and if someone raises issues against them, the same ECZ wants to adjudicate over such complaints against them.

Where the Electoral Commission of Zambia can just wake up one morning and dictate what they so wish to be done, as long as it pleases and is in tune with THEIR MASTERS VOICE.
– They have commanded all the Zambians that No old voters register will be applicable in 2021. But when Zambians ask ECZ as to Why, Who has complained about the old voters register?

ECZ seems to be content with what they have already want to dictate to the Zambians and seems to tell us to go to hell, because NO one has complained about the old register, so go to hell, just register today or else you won’t vote.
Kindly give us enough time to register, ECZ says go to hell, the amount of time of one month is sufficient, just like the amount of time of six years it took to register for the current voters register we are discarding now without your permission.

– ECZ dictates that Prisoners to vote in this 2021 tripartite elections, but they will just vote for President.
When we reason with ECZ that tripartite legaly means 3 layers of voting, President, Member of Parliament and Local Councilor. ECZ says go to hell with your English about the meaning of tripartite.

– Unruly PF Cadres are captured on camera proudly smashing a UPND party member’s vehicle in full view of the Kasama community and a Police officer.
Police command in LUSAKA, says go to hell, that was not our police officer, but a Security guard..

The above cases plus so many other atrocities and incidences so numerous to itemize in one article have now become part of the normal life and living in Zambia.
A situation which has now become so normal like Zambians are watching an award winning comedy play at Lusaka Play House called Zambia One Comedy.

So as Zambians, where do we seek JUSTICE?

Where is the Chief Justice?

Is this the reason why late President Michael Chilufya Sata on two occasions had to seek judicial assistance from Malawi?

Friday Kashiwa.

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