Where do you take impounded mukula tree, govt challenged


The PF Government should explain to the Zambians where it is taking the Mukula tree being impounded in various parts of the country, Zambia Tax Platform has demanded.

ZTP says ZNBC should not just be telling the nation how many trucks  laden with Mukula have been impounded but also inform the people where the contraband is being kept.

The Civil Society has challenged the PF government to exhibit transparence in the administration of Mukula tree.

They say it is a sad situation that the same Timber being restricted is being exported in the night.

Mukula Tree known by its biological classification, Pterocarpus chrysothrix, is on high demand among the international business communities who are using it in the production of gunstocks and other artefacts.

Meanwhile according to the Forest Act people are free to harvest any species, even endangered ones, because the law allows that they be regarded as timber.

“The Forest Act number 39 of 1973, Chapter 199, it allows harvesting any tree apart from species that bear fruits and those involved in the conservation of water near or around a water table.

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