Where does Frank Bwalya get his funding?


The general trend in many African leaders is that some of them have been turned into rubber stamps. Although not explicit, some leaders are approached and sponsored by powerful individuals and institutions that in return ask for favors. For instance, an institution may approach to help somebody attain the position of presidency. These institutions work hard in all areas and manage to make such a candidate, president.  After all is done, they go back to them to ask for favors. These may be reasons we see many presidents failing to make their own decisions even when things are clear. We see companies getting privatized, and the country earning nothing from it.

Without making a similar conclusion, but out of curiosity, I wish to ask were Fr. Frank Bwalya is getting the money that is sustaining him. We know him as a former local Catholic priest that cannot earn what he is spending at the moment. Neither do we know him as running a business that may be income generating.

So who sponsors him? Are they genuine?

Concerned Citizen

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