Where does Lusambo get the money to throw around

Where does Lusambo get the money to throw around


Lusaka province minister and Kabushi MP Bowman Lusambo writes:

As a caring Community Leader, I donated essential foodstuff to some of the most vulnerable households in my Constituency. Some of the items donated include;

•4,000 x 25Kg of breakfast mealie meal

•4,000 x 5ℓ of Cooking Oil

•Thousand boxes of Washing Powder

•65 Desktop Computers for Public Schools through their respective PTA Committees

•300 pockets of Cement and Blocks to schools that are undertaking various infrastructure expansion projects

Tomorrow is Day Two and we continue with our Tour of the Constituency. We will meet and interact with Marketeers and hand over empowerment finds aided at boasting [the illiterate thug meant boosting) their working capital. We will do this immeadiately after attending Church Service.

But then, Where can a Minister get this kind of supply with the current austerity measures other than corruption? Its not even a bye election. In fact government officials should create jobs, create conducive environment for business so that people can be truly empowered with their own means of generating income instead of depending on handouts from thieving politicians. But this, is how They control people: subject them to extreme poverty then show up with big belly offering food in exchange for votes.



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