Where have we gone wrong in the development of Zambia?

Part 1

Please don’t disclose my identity for fear of reprisals to my family because these days speaking your mind is an insult to the president and someone will find themselves in jails. The right to free speech is not a right anymore under this government.

Have you ever wondered why we are called the 3rd world nations and the western nations are called the 1st world nations and where is the ‘2nd world’, and why this huge gap between the first and the third?

A huge difference and gap was intended to be created between us and the Western world so that they can define us by the difference they create. We are the giants in mineral production in terms of gold, diamonds, copper and expensive stones but we don’t even have the ability to determine our own produce, but we leave the outside so called superpowers to determine the prices for us.

For many years we have been developing the western world from our resources such that when you sit and look at the development of the western world, you wonder why we are still living in poverty and yet we have all the resources to enrich our communities.

I am privileged to live abroad and looking at the traditional map and what they show on Television, they distort the world to the advantage of European colonial powers creating an atmosphere to depend entirely on the western world.

The question we should ask ourselves is ‘Are the superpowers ready to relinquish some of their powers to us so that we can even be determining our own prices for the minerals we produce?’ I don’t think this is achievable and I will give you reasons why African nations are not ready to take up such huge responsibilities. The other situation we can look at is, are we really ready to take our nations all the way to development?

The problem with most 3rd world nations and in this case Zambia is with the type and quality of leadership we produce. Look at the leaders we have today, unless we get rid of the paranoia of selfishness and trying to take advantage of the already poverty stricken ordinary peoples sacrifice to better their lives and in due course our continent will develop.

We can start from somewhere by changing our attitudes and our tendency towards development and begin to think of others as well because if we continue with the same attitude, we will continue to depend on the western world.

The leaders we have in this country are not there to develop the nation, they are there to enrich themselves because these leaders are so evil and have no morality to sacrifice their own needs for the people of Zambia. Most of them are there to get wealthy and own money that will sustain them all their lives and live lavish lives. Don’t be cheated that the Sata administration is there to develop the nation because most of our African leaders are used to poverty so much so that once they get an opportunity to make a little money with the opportunity that comes with leadership, they will abuse leadership to enrich themselves. Just look at how these opposition leaders are resigning from their own parties to work with Sata, they have no morality and no stand because they want to feed their stomachs first at the expense of the people. Even these who are supporting Sata today, will not stand with him when he faces his charges in future. Zambian leaders want to take revenge at their opponents at all costs and that’s why chances of African countries developing are like 150 years behind and that’s why the western world even take advantage of us.  Even the lifting of the former presidents immunity is not based of the fact that they want to prosecute him for misdeeds, its based on revenge because Sata did not get want he wanted when he was in the opposition and even when somebody else takes over from Sata, they make sure they punish Sata because that’s the trend in African politicians.

Look at opposition MPs, once they are given an opportunity to serve in ministerial positions, they will disown their right to stand for the truth and speak out because they are scared that they will lose the right to feed their stomachs and most of them are there to feed their stomachs and not to develop the nation. The political atmosphere in Zambia is not conducive for our nation to develop because Sata and his minions interpret the constitution to suit their own ulterior motives and they will do anything not to be stopped at achieving their own agendas of becoming richer than before. Presidents and politicians in Zambia are not accountable to the constitution because most of them abuse it and only become answerable after they leave office and that has to change and I will address that in my next posting.

Continuation to this article will follow in the next posting as I expose the motives of these politicians like Sata, Kaunda, HH, Nevers, Chipimo, Miyanda and many more and where I see the political playing field being in the next decade.

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