Where is electricity PF said it imported from Mozambique?

Dear editor,

Hide my Id.I want to express my concern on the recent pronouncement on the importation of power from Mozambique.We still experience the same loadshedding hours even after an addition of 148 Megawatts.I’m made to wonder wether that was just a pronouncement by government to calm the public.In such an event like that recent announcement by Yaluma, we expected to see change in the hours of loadshedding. For this,we will not forgive this current government for subjecting the people to this perpetual suffering and uncoordinated kind of governance.Let them be reminded that its 11 months remaining to next years general elections, I stand to be corrected.The pronouncement should have been a relief to us zambians but thats not the case .Anyway they have shown their failures.Next year will make them opposition,and we deeply regret any inconvenience this will cause to their stomachs.

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