Where is FJT’s $8.5 million?

Where is FJT’s $8.5 million?

Mr President,

Where is former president Fredrick Chiluba’s US$ 8.5 million which was in the Zamtrop account?  Zamtrop account is

The ZAMTROP account was a government account controlled by the OP. It was opened on 8 December 1995.

On that same day another secret account, which Kenneth Kaunda used to fund rebels in the region such as Jonas Savimbi in Angola, was closed.

The controlling signatory was then Director General of ZSIS, Xavier Franklin Chungu.

If Zambians remember properly, Late President Chiluba consistently said he had personal money from well wishers in the Intelligence account called Zamtrop. Chiluba said he had US$ 8.5 million in that account.

We are aware that former President Rupiah Banda did not do anything on the Zamtrop account because it was subject to litigation.


The London Judgment that found Chiluba and others liable was supposed to be registered in Zambian High Court.


The foolish Evans Hamaundu refused to register the London Judgement in Zambia when he was still a High Court Judge.


Fred Mmembe and Michael Sata then in opposition called for the registration of the judgment.

Why are they quite now?

The two mobilised civil society organisations to call for an appeal to the Hamaundu’s judgment.


Now that they are in charge of the courts, the police, the OP aand soldiers, they are not talking about this matter anymore.


Rupiah Banda did not act on the Zamtrop account because there were all these issues.


Reports reaching us indicate that President Sata had recently made some moves on the Zamtrop account. We are watching very closely.


So, we repeat the question: where is Chiluba’s US$ 8.5 million? Has it been forfeited to the State?

Have PF vultures shared it? These questions beg serious answers.

If transparent International Zambia was transparent, these are matters it should be handling but it can not happen because Badwell Lungu the Executive Director is a PF cadre and is a close form close friend of George Chellah, the Presidential Spokesperson.

Sata_and_ChilubaCan Ifyabukaya actor and Government spokesperson tell the nation where this money is?

As Zambian Watchdog we are following these reports with keen interest and will expose the scam soon. We are told the money may be in offshore account somewhere.

Watch the space. Mr. Sata where is Chiluba’s money?

Before we forget, we want the constitution….

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