Where is money meant for Northern province teachers?

Dear Editor,

Allow me to register my complaint against the Northern Province Education Office in your widely circulated paper.

The issue is how the PEO’s office has been dealing with monies being released by Government to offset outstanding arrears for teachers. Just before the elections Government released some money (I think K10bn) to pay outstanding arrears. Concerned officers were asked to submit relevant documents. Unfortunately this spilled into the post-election period and no payments were forthcoming. Eventually we were being told that there was no money and departments had to withdraw their submissions.

What is going on?  Where has this money gone? Why is it that settling-in allowances, acting allowances and repatriation allowances are not being paid? It is worse for our colleagues at the college of education who have always been left out when these monies are disbursed.

I therefore appeal to the Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training to investigate how the money that was last released has been used. I smell a rat.

Yours faithfully,

Eros Ilunga

Concerned teacher

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